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Week 1 Fines: OT Smith, DBs Gomes, Mays, DEs Smith, Babin
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SwiftTexan wrote:
DreDay80 wrote:
PatriotsWin! wrote:
Why is it ridiculous? He kicked Incognito repeatedly in the head/neck area because he was holding him down to prevent the fumble recovery. Glad the league didn't buy Smith's bs excuse that Incog was trying to twist his ankles.

You gotta be kidding me.

You ever play dline? Guys try to break your hand, arm, neck, ribs, leg, ankle, or face on every play.

Irrelevant. It's still wrong, it's still something that warrants a fine, correct?

Just because Antonio is too much of a wuss that he needs to complain about it to the media.

Yes, that's it. Antonio Smith, the emotional leader of one of the top two defenses in the NFL is a wuss. Gotcha, makes sense.

I think he should get an extra fine for belly-aching. If you don't like it - send Richie a message on the next play.

Hence the $21,000 fine Smith got for curb stomping Incognito on the VERY SAME PLAY. Yup, wussy. Makes sense.

They don't call it the trenches because guys are playing patty-cake every down.

But they don't call it a trauma ward because there is SOME sort of protocol down there. Biting, punching, gouging at openings - fair game. Trying to break a bone and take away someone's ability to play? Regardless of WHERE on the field it takes place on, it's a no-no. This isn't some prison yard, these guys are millionaires, and they SHOULD be professionals. I'm not condoning Smith's actions, but I'm sure as hell not condoning Incognito's actions.

if I were smiths teammate, I'd be ashamed.

That "C" that Smith sports on his jersey and the praise heaped on Smith by his teammates and coaches say that they're not, and they're glad he didn't just spring up and whine to a ref. His ankle was being jerked around, so he took matter into his own hands and started to bludgeon Incognito in the neck with his cleat. Fair game, right?

All in all - I'm glad that Smith is out $21,000. It ain't my money, Smith is making a good chunk of change - and all this means is that the Ninja Assassin is gonna rip someone's head off today.

vike daddy wrote:
EliteTexan80 wrote:
I wanna be a mod.

vastly over rated.
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Billy Spikes

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Video of the Smith/Incognito play:

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