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Former Rams coach Scott Linehan will be the next Lions OC
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bellfootballfan wrote:
detfan782004 wrote:
bellfootballfan wrote:
At first I felt majorly slighted, but now that I think about it, I just despise Linehan with a passion. I actually glad that we didn't get him after all, because through this whole fiasco he has clearly demonstrated that he failed to develop a backbone, and still has not found one. I mean, he came in for two interviews, then told them no, citing b.s. family reasons. Then immediately after his name was mentioned in literally every single other offensive coordinator position, and then took the lions job, of all places. I have no desire to have anyone who would pick the lions job over the niners job. All the lions fans are trying to claim that their OC job is more attractive, but there is a reason that the lions lost every single game. They have three above average players on their team- Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith, and Ernie Sims. Everyone else on that squad is just plain terrible.

And you sir are blinded by your team. Its more than just a roster. Detroit is closer to home. Detroit has 5 picks in the first 3 rounds to address needs. He has CJ and Smith. He likes the fact that the coach is on same page with same vision.

Detroit has the ability to land a franchise QB if they desire in the draft and he likes Stanton on the roster now. Smith had a great rookie season with a crap Oline.

The defense has been asked to play a defense that doesnt suit the current roster.

The 49ers are exactly a class act team right now as you are making them out to be.

Moving to Detriot is not going to be any easier than moving to California. Linehan said that the reason he told SF no was because of family reasons, that he was tired of moving his family.

My main reason for being mad at him is that he interviewed twice, and then told SF no, and then threw his name in the mix for every other job, and then took the Lions job. You don't interview twice, and then decide that you don't want that job, and site bs. reasons.

Next, I'm not sure what vision you are talking about the lions having that the niners don't have. I hate to break it to you, but 7-9 is a heck of a lot better than 0-16. I know it sounds mean, and its sad that you didn't win that last game, but you guys went 0-16 for a reason. Whether you like it or not, and whether you're willing to admit it, but the 49ers are better than the Lions in every possible way.

Finally, I can't tell if that last sentence was sarcasm or not. If it is, haha very funny, but if its not you kinda contradicted yourself. So it's probably sarcasm, in which case, it doesn't make much sense.

I can understand why you could be frustrated with Linehan but I think you need to step back and simply ask what happened at the second interview. The interview process is as much about a prospective employee making sure the situation is right for them. I suspect it became apparent to Linehan that what was being asked of him was not the direction HE wanted to go; or he was not going to have the offensive control he wanted. It could also have been something as simple as dollars. At least it was something along those lines. As for his B.S. excuse, that is not abnormal. He was placed in a no win situation. If he goes public with the real reason the media will dissect it and it could possibly reflect poorly on the franchise. The excuse he gave is simply an attempt for the franchise and Linehan to walk away.

In any event niner fans should be happy that he saw a situation that wasn't going to work and walked away from it. That allows the team to select a candidate that works for the franchise without a situation where the OC is at odds withe the HC.

As for the Lions going 0-16 there is no denying the fact that by an measurement they had an awful season. There is no denying the niners were a better team this past year. However lets look at a few other aspects of the situation.

The Detroit Lions were 7-9 in 2007. After starting the season off strong they collapsed. To me it was evident that strength of schedule (weak at the start) played a part in the Lions swoon.

During the off season they traded a certain DT and were unable to replace him and in a nutshell was the biggest single difference between the two seasons.

The coaching staff of the Lions were given three years to improve the on field performance and they failed miserably. Two years of improvement followed by a record of futility unmatched by any previous team.

If you look throughout the Lions roster they are not as bad as the record would indicate. Some players with talent during the Marinelli era were traded by Millen because they didn't fit with coach's personality profile and these players were not replaced. Most notably S. Rogers.

As for everyones comments on the situation of the two teams I won't comment on the Niners because I believe the niner fans have a better handle on them than I ever could so.......

The Lions went 0-16. The result is they cleaned house. Martin Mayhew was named GM and has stated from the outset that all new management and coaching staff would be on the same page on HOW TO BUILD A TEAM.

Anyone looking at the Lions from outside would see an organization that has been terriblefor many years culminating with a record setting poor season. They would also see that in the prior season they did some things on the field correct. They would see a team that has some glaring weakness but also some very good young players.

They would see a team with a handful of draft picks, and plenty of cap room. They would see a team being assembled that features a staff of like minded individuals tasked with turning the franchise around.

They would interview and be afforded the opportunity to decide if their philosophy matched the philosophy of the team members already in place.

Lastly they could decide if they wanted to be part of a challenging process that offers nothing but upside.

Fans tend to look at the Lions through a very narrow focus. The comments are usually focused on the years of losing rather than the potential that exists. Anyone coming in at this point is not joing an existing staff that may have power struggles and be mismatched and disjointed. Its a clean slate.

Objectively the Lions may be the best coaching opportunity that has ever been presented. They have more talent in place than an expansion team and plenty of cash and high picks yet they were 0-16 so no down side.

On top of that the team has an owner that is loyal to a fault. We allknow Millen should have been gone years ago but WCF stayed loyal to him.

So the Lions offer a clean slate of coachs, cash, draft picks and some great young talent. All this and job security too. Who wouldn't like the job.

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49er guy49

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nagahide13 wrote:
49er guy49 wrote:

shaun McDonald 32 rec 332
Michael Gains 23 rec 260
Mike Furrey 18 rec 181

Kevin Smith 39 rec 286

Bryant Johnson 45 rec 546
Vernon Davis 31 rec 358
Jason Hill 30 rec 317
Arnaz Battle 24 314
Josh Morgan 20 rec 319

Frank Gore 43 373

please make your case, and past performences do not count.......because all niner fans do is brag about their past Rolling Eyes

Those are past performances. Very Happy

Allz im saying is, 20 years ago doesnt matter right now. And if you want to go into reciever statistics, you were running a MM offense... In that same offense a year earlier, McDonald caught 79 for 943 and 6 TDs... Furrey caught 61 for 664... and for a big part of the year, they were our #3 and #4 recievers.

Lets see how the stats match up next season before giving the trophy away, however.

the thing that makes the niner recievers hard to compare than detroit's number 2 and 3 guys is that we had like eight guys catching passes every no one guy had standout numbers but we had eight guys with over 200 yds recieving.....

one difference is furrey and McDonald are both martz type recievers, whereas the niner players dont fit into the martz mold (even Issac Bruce at his age is not a prototype martz guy anymore) that may bode well for their future performances, and guys like hill and morgan were in their first year starting (well half year, after singeltary took over) then guys like battle and bryant johnson were injured half of the year or more and vernon davis was used for blocking most of the year....

Gridirongreat#9 rocks^^^^
Go Niners!!!
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nicely said DHLF!!
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