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2012 Team Needs
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jags Needs after Monday Nighter #1. week 7

1: WR<--leagues worst wr corps

2: OT<--britton appears to be a durability risk and we need a more consistant

3: C<--meester is old. he needs to be replace.

4: DE<--Chick looks good but Roth hasnt dont that good and mincey should be resigned. kampman hasnt looked great thus far this year.

5: CB<--mathis is old and needs to be replaced soon and he is a FA.

6: G<--we might have the future here but rackley needs to improve his protection soon. Uche stinks so a depth pick would be good

7: QB<--we need a backup for gabbert

8a: K<--if scobee leaves then we must get a kicker
8b: P<--harris is okay but we can definitely be improved

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Redskins Needs as of 11/30/11

QB - This is obvious with the bozos we have now in Rex Grossman and John Beck. The Redskins need a Franchise Signal Caller, particularly one of the top tier QB's behind Luck unless we trade for Luck.

NT - We drafted Chris Neild but we really need someone who is going to clog the middle. Barry Cofield has been viable but not ideal and would love to get him in the DE rotation.

OL - Preferrably the LT spot. We all believe that Trent Williams would be better served at the RT spot. And Jamaal Brown has not panned out per the expectations set upon him.

CB - The Redskins are thin at quality CB's. With Wilson, Barnes and Hall, there is not much for talent beyond that. Adding a late round CB for ST and depth would be a nice fill.

What the Redskins DONT need.

RB - Helu, Hightower and Royster should fill out the roster nicely next year. And with Darrell Young at FB. We are really young in this position.

TE - With the emergence of Fred Davis and his ability to play outside the tackle box as a splite end and Chris Cooley coming back next year, Logan Paulsen is a great blocking TE, the spots are full with talent and don't need any upgrades.

WR - Santana has some gas in the tank and we just drafted a whole slew of WR's. Hankerson and Paul look to be solid additions and should be quality WR's at the start of next season. Gaffney has been solid for us this year, but with the young guys emerging, WR is not really a need and Gaffney may find himself sliding down the depth chart.

LB - At least for the time being. The play of Perry Riley has been stellar as of late. London Fletcher looks 5 years younger than his age suggests. And Orakpo and Kerrigan are set at the OLB for years.

DE - With the additions of Bowen and Cofield with Carriker and Jenkins we should have a good rotation of DE's.

P - Sav Rocca may be old but he can still kick the ball. He leads the league with punts inside the 20 and that is valuable to have regardless of age.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

jb_gobills wrote:
Buffalo Bills

As it stands right now (updated 8/14/2011)...

1. OT: Erik Pears is penciled in as the starter at right tackle with rookie Chris Hairston behind him. Demetrius Bell is the starting left tackle. This could be a make or break year for Bell.

2. RG: Kraig Urbik has not looked good so far, and there really isn't any good depth behind him. Perhaps the Bills will end up using Geoff Hangartner at guard since Eric Wood is now the center.

3. 3-4 ILB: The current starters are Andra Davis and Nick Barnett. Rookies Kelvin Sheppard and Chris White are waiting in the wings along with Arthur Moats. If the Buffalo run defense does not improve drastically this season look for the Bills to further address this position.

4. TE: There is no one of note on the roster. Chan Gailey seems to really like Scott Chandler. We'll see.

5. QB: The Bills will need a franchise quarterback at some point. This is ranked lower at the moment, but it all really depends on how well Ryan Fitzpatrick does this season and where the Bills will be drafting next year.

6. 3-4 OLB: Chris Kelsay is currently on one side with Shawn Merriman on the other. The one thing this unit has going for it are the young guys behind the starters who have showed promise (Antonio Coleman, Arthur Moats). Danny Batten is also in the mix, who missed his entire rookie season due to injury. Both Merriman and Batten had a solid first preseason game.

Well, I think it's time to edit this list some. I would put them in this order:

3-4 OLB - Our pass rush is almost non-existent. Merriman has been out a majority of the year, and no one else has stepped up.

CB - McGee has been hurt, and is getting older. I'm not 100% sure Buddy and Chan will even keep him after this year. McKelvin and Florence have been inconsistent at best.

OT - Reasons listed above. Pears isn't starting caliber, and Bell is above average, not great. An upgrade is needed.

WR/ILB - Not sure which is a bigger need, but both are needs. Barnett has played well at ILB, but see the above reasons.
We also need a WR opposite Stevie. Nelson and Jones have been decent, but another playmaker is needed if we expect Fitzpatrick to have sustained success.

QB - Backup at this point, but a possible successor to Fitz once he's done, or a replacement if he regresses.

OG - Mainly for depth, but moving Wood to C did leave a little to be desired at RG.

I also think we can take TE off the list. Chandler is doing a good enough job to leave that position as it is for now.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


1- QB Need a QB we have neglected this spot for the last 15 years.

2- RT need someone to replace aging V.Carey

3- RG We have NO ON, currently playing a Tackle at this spot.

4- DE- Pass Rusher, need to get someone other then Wake in the QB's face.

5- S- Bell isnt getting younger and the guys around him are hit miss.

6- NT- Solia (how ever he spells it) signed big money but isnt playing to it, might want to get a diamond in the rough.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chiefs Needs (11/29/2011)

1. ILB - The Chiefs could really stand to upgrade this position. Getting a stud next to Derrick Johnson would do wonders for this defense.

2. OG or C - Emphasis on "or". Rodney Hudson was drafted to backup Wiegmann and eventually become the center prospect, but recently stepped in at OG for an injured Ryan Lilja. The Chiefs can draft a lineman at either position, and slide Hudson accordingly. Brilliant. The Chiefs would prefer to draft a C still, but if a nice OG falls, do it, baby.

3. FS - Kendrick Lewis, while serviceable, should be replaced by someone of higher talent. We use a lot of three-safety formations, and drafting a guy at FS would still allow Lewis to get plenty of time on our defense.

4. OT - If the Chiefs have a shot at one of the big three (Kalil, Martin, Reiff), they need to pull the trigger. Kalil and Martin could instantly start at LT and move Albert over to RT, and Reiff would instantly start at RT. Otherwise, they can wait until later and nab a solid RT prospect.

5. QB - Going to get railed for putting a QB this low, but there are still glaring needs throughout the whole team. If a QB falls, we need to take him. Otherwise, wait until the second, perhaps.

6. TE - Tony Moeaki is injury prone. Anthony Becht runs into his own guys. Leonard Pope gets penalized too much. Stability is needed here.

7. NT - Been swayed in recent days, despite a good NT being essential to having a good all-around defense.
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Joined: 05 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:42 pm    Post subject: updated Steelers needs Reply with quote

Steelers 2012 draft needs

EDIT - updated as of 15 December.

Short version:

Round 1/2 needs - OG, ILB, OT, FS/SS
Later round needs - NT, OLB, DE, CB

* Do not draft a CB in the top 2-3 rounds unless Claiborne falls to us. We drafted 2 of them last season and Carnell Lake has coached up the guys we already had that were floundering
* Do not draft a NT in the 1st. There aren't any 1st-round worthy NTs and the Steelers aren't in as desperate a need as people seem to think. We only use a "true" NT on about 35% of snaps, and Tomlin doesn't like chubbies

1) left guard - at least 1 "start as soon as possible" guy - Chris Kemoeatu is gone. Steelers 1st round draft picks have alternated offense/defense since 2006. Last year was defense (Cam Heyward), this year, the BPA at a position of relative need will probably be an offensive lineman. Tomlin likes athletes. He doesn't like chubbies. Points to ponder.
2) thinking ILB - Farrior and Foote are smart guys, Timmons is the "run like hell" guy. We are looking to replace Farrior and Foote. A smart, "defensive QB" who can be a thumper while playing 3 downs is ideal
3) left tackle - Colon is injury-prone, and Starks will probably cost. Marcus Gilbert darn sure isn't a LT.
4) safety - free/strong - Clark is old and can't cover, and Troy gets injured. Needs to be a heady guy who is comfortable playing the run
5) Nose tackle - HUGE debate going on here. Steelers only use a true NT on about 30-40% of the snaps and they really like Steve McClendon and have used him and Ziggy Hood @ NT quite often this season. Don't just automatically grab the "best NT available"

Always in the market, based on value - purely BPA/talent-based picks here, regardless of positional need

1) OLB - we're a 3-4 LB-centric team. We will probably draft at least 1 OLB every season as long as Tomlin is coach. Look for high motor guys who are strong enough to set the point and/or are explosive in their first step

2) WR - especially fast guys and this season, a taller guy with good hands, or a guy with definite return skills as Antonio Brown will probably get promoted out of the returner role

3) DE - strong, anchor types with longer arms and good motors. Country strong 6'4, 275+ generally fits the bill

Don't bother - unless a ridiculous talent falls or presents special positional flexibility, don't bother

1) TE - 6th or 7th round only

2) CB in the earlier rounds - it's not happening. Seriously. If you don't mock us Morris Claiborne, then don't mock us a CB before round 4

3) RB - between Mendenhall, Jonathan Dwyer, Isaac Redman, Tomlin's Viking buddy Mewelde Moore and a recovering Byron Batch, RB is not a need

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2011 8:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Update on the Packers
1. 3-4 OLB- Good gravy, Clay Matthews does it all for our team. Zombo is ok but has been hurt all year and should be upgraded.
2. 3-4 DE- Well we have Mike Neal, Jarius Wynn, CJ Wilson, Howard Green and Ryan Pickett for DE's. I'm guessing you just said "Who?" Thats why we need some talent on that D-line.
3. CB- Woodson isn't going to play forever.
4. NT - BJ Raji has played more snaps than any D-lineman and hes a NT Shocked
5. O-line depth- The tackles are good but interior is really, really thin.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Texans Primary Needs: (Early rounds)
1. NT : The one glaring defensive weakness. Doesn't have to be a mammoth as this is a 1-gap scheme so explosiveness is probably more important.
2. WR : Andre Johnson's injury has exposed the WR core. May grab two in the draft given that we only have 3 WRs in our core. Kubiak tends to prefer big guys and run-blocking ability is a consideration.
3. OG : Our OL has been good but Wade Smith could be a cap casualty and I'm pretty sure Mike Brisiel is only on a 1 year deal. Brisiel should be upgraded anyway. One interesting twist here would be grabbing a RT and moving Eric Winston inside so he doesn't get exposed to speed rushers anymore. Please remember that we run a ZBS so agility is more important than power.

Depth is needed: (Late rounds)
1. S : We go to a 3 S dime quite often but don't really have a 4th S. We are quite happy with Manning and Quin as our starters. This is primarily a cover 2 scheme so in-the-box SS's need not apply.
2. ILB : Tim Dobbins was brought in primarily to help the transition to the 3-4. He should be upgraded.
3. RB : I don't think Ward will re-sign to be the rb3 again. Foster will be a RFA so there is no chance he won't be retained. Tate is clearly RB2. Just might need one more body.

Depends on FA:
1. 3-4 OLB : Is Mario Williams worth all the money that will take to keep him in Houston?
2. OC : Chris Myers has been an amazing C but Houston is already fairly close to the cap.
3.TE : Joe Dressen is an underrated FA who might leave for a bigger role elsewhere. We do still have FB/TE Casey and Graham as possible young replacements. However, if Kubiak wants to keep Casey at FB permanently he would draft another TE. Dreesen's role is primarily to run-block and secondarily to catch TDs on short routes so I imagine a blocking TE would be preferred to a pass-catching TE.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Redskins Top Seven Needs

1 - QB - This one is the most obvious. Nothing more to be said here.

2 - ILB - McIntosh is coming to the end of his line, and Fletcher needs a rookie to step in and give him some rest until he is ready to retire.

3 - OT - Jammal Brown is hurt every week and they need to find a replacement. Brown would be great as a backup, but a new RT needs to found, especially with the uncertainy of Trent Williams.

4 - WR - They need a speed receiver that can stretch the field. Moss is getting older and Austin and Armstrong just aren't getting it done. They have a good stable of sizable/possession receivers in Hankerson, Gaffney and Paul. If they are going to invest a first round pick on a QB, he will need a weapon to help him.

5 - CB - I think our corners are okay, but are not being coached into the best situations to succeed. That being said, I think they really do need a big tough CB to combat opposing WRs like Dex Bryant and Hakeem Nicks.

6 - OG - My apologies to Eric Cook, but I think the Redskins should get rid of him as the third OC and get a reserve that is more of an OG. Cook doesn't play OG and I think a reserve that only plays OC is a waste of a roster spot.

7 - A late round DE to develop on the practice squad would be good to have around and eventually replace Golston.

***** Just a note - Washington does not need a Nose Tackle. They signed Cofield for that role and has only been at it for one season. He will need another offseason to actually learn the position. DCoordinator Jim Haslett is 100% happy with Cofield as is Mike Shanahan, who calls him a "student of the game". The Redskins are also in the process of developing 7th rounder Chris Neild who will also get the benefit of an offseason to improve his game. Neither of these players will get the rug pulled out from under them after just one season. Redskins bloggers might not like the current situation at Nose Tackle, but I'm going more on info coming from the organization rather than personal takes. Anyone can feel free to PM me about any questions regarding the Redskins needs or draft.
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Atlanta Falcon needs(12-22)

Tier 1:

DE-John Abraham and Kroy Biermann are FAs, and I seriously doubt both will be brought back. Depth is needed

CB-Kelvin Hayden is a FA, so we will need a Nicole CB. Even if he is brought back, depth is still greatly needed.

TE-Tony G is a FA, and even if he comes back, he will only be around for a couple more years at best.

FS-This is solely based on Thomas DeCoud. If he isn't resigned, then FS jumps to the top of the list. If he comes back, then there is no need.

Tier 2:

LT-Will Svitek has done a serviceable job since taking over for Sam Baker. He will probably get the chance to start next year, but depth is needed.

RB-A bigger back is needed to compliment, and maybe take over for Turner in a couple years.

C/OG-Depth needed at one position.

Tier 3:

QB-Developmental QB if Redman is let go.

S-Depth needed.

K-If Matt Bryant isn't brought back.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Titans Needs as of Week 16

1.) Pass Rush - mainly a DE so we can move Jason Jones back to DT.

2.) Center - we have the worst interior O-Line in all of football and it's mainly due to having the worst center in football in Eugene Amano. A smart/good center can make a whole O-Line look better.

3.) Safety - both safety positions are needs with Michael Griffin and Chris Hopeless contracts being up and hopefully they both are not resigned. A physical safety is a big need.

4.) Guard - Our center sucks but so do our LG LeRoy Harris and RG Jake Scott.

5.) WR - when Britt went down, the offense fell apart. Nate Washington has had a good year but he is no more then a #3 or a fill in at #2.

6.) Will Outside LB - Witherspoon is up in age and is starting to become invisible.

7.) Tight End - Craig Stevens is a FA and is nothing more then a blocking TE. Jared Cook is good at times but to inconsistent and IMO nothing more then a #2 TE bc he's not a very good blocker.

Avery Williamson

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jaguars Needs week 16:

1-3( WR <--we need some real talent at wr as mike thomas is a number 2 or 3 wr from the slot meaning we need atleast 2 wrs early in the draft that know mhow to make plays.
4) DE<--we dont need a guy like Quinton Coples. we need a guy who is a pass rusher so more of a Right End.
5) CB<--our corners have played well before the injuries occured. Mathis and middleton(our number 2 and 3 corner are free agents and i think mathis could be gone but middleton is a solid starter and youboty has shown some good ability as well. we tend to draft corners that are physcial and have good zie meaning 5 foot 11 and taller and weighing atleast 190.
6) C<--a replacement for Meester is needed very soon as he is old as dirt.
7) TE<--a number 2 te behind marcedes Lewis would be nice as zach miller is injury prone and Zach potter is more of a blocker.
Cool K and P<--if scobee leaves we will need a Kicker. we could use an upgrade over nic harris for a punter.

IN Blaine Gabbert I Trust

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


This is open for debate amongst fans, by my take:

S - Preferably a Free-Safety as we have one serviceable Safety in Chung, although he has played FS and is injury-prone. If there's someone who proves value as a 1st round pick, we should pull the trigger. If not, wait until the 2nd. We could even look at both.

DE - We have Mark Anderson and Andre Carter as edger rushers, but who knows how long they'll be around. We need someone who could settle the position do the job in a 4-3 or as a 3-4 outside rusher. Versatility is key.

DT - We could do with a pile-pusher to take some pressure off vince. Love has shown flashes - but can't string 4 quarters together. Warren is old and Brace is oft injured.

LB - Someone who could play SAM in a 4-3 and also get some looks at ILB in both sets. Ability to make plays is key.

WR - Chad probably won't be around next year and Deion Branch is ageing. Recently cut Taylor Price. We have two tight-ends who can play as big receivers, so a smaller, faster receiver who can get seperation is preferred here.

CB - More secondary help needed.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

For the Buffalo Bills:

#1 AND #2: Outside pass-rushers, most likely ones that can alternate between 3-4 OLB and a 4-3 DE, depending on the scheme of the moment. Courtney Upshaw makes a ton of sense in the first, then perhaps a guy like Melvin Ingram, Vinny Curry, or Brandon Lindsey in the 2nd, or even trade back up into the 1st. NO complaints if they go this route in the first two picks.

#3: A true speed and quickness WR, that can catch a short slant and burn it upfield if he slips the initial tackle attempt. Jarius Wright from Arkansas or Damaris Johnson from Tulsa would be ideal selections in the 3rd round. Plus, in the case of Johnson, it would give us another threat in the return game.

#4: A developmental left tackle prospect. I think we'll resign Demetrius Bell, who's actually pretty good WHEN healthy, and Chris Hairston looks promising, as well, although he may be better suited for the right side. A guy like Jordan Gibbs from Pittsburgh would be a candidate here.

#5: Best available pure cover-cornerback. I like the promise of rookies Aaron Williams and Justin Rogers, but I could see both Florence and McGee being allowed to walk, since they're both past their primes. Our 2nd 4th-rounder would be well-spent on a cover guy, and someone like Cameron Chism of Maryland or Leonard Johnson of Iowa State could fit.

#6: A candidate to play 3-4 DE who is tough against the run. Dwan Edwards is VERY replaceable, and Alex Carrington hasn't shown that much yet. Ryan Van Bergen from Michigan or J.R. Sweezy from N.C. State could be possibilities here.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote



RT: Colombo... ugh...
QB: Moore is a solid QB but he is no franchise guy.
RG: Carey is a free agent and will probably get more money elsewhere so we will have a hole at guard, though it appears that Jerry, with how he is playing, could start for the team at either RG or RT.


3-4 OLB: Wake is putting up a lot of pressure but not as many sacks. I attribute that to no outside help. Teams are focusing in on Wake.
CB: Davis is performing well but Smith is on and off inconsistent. Getting a new number two would be great. That said, a nickle is what we really need. Allen is 33 and Wilson and Carroll are both low draft picks.
3-4 ILB: We need depth that is nonexistent on this team.
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