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Duffman's Chargers' Positional Breakdown

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2012 2:16 am    Post subject: Duffman's Chargers' Positional Breakdown Reply with quote

Alright, so i'm extremely bored and have nothing better to do, so i'm gonna do a quick little breakdown of what i think of the roster for this year, and what i'm expecting from each position.

This one's easy. Rivers is one of the best in the buis. People have been complaining about being scared about depth, truth is, that if we have to replace Rivers at some point this season, we're likely screwed for those games regardless, and will have to pickup a Q to start that game anyway, regardless of who's the backup here, so depth really doesn't matter IMO. People are predicting career highs for Rivers, but i just dont see it. We're gonna run the ball more this year, which will take the ball out of his hands a little more. He'll still have a great year, but not that career high that people are projecting numbers wise.

This one's a bit scary to me. Ryan Mathews is a very good talent, but for him it seems like its more how long until he gets hurt, rather than if. He has always looked good, but it seems like he isn't playing through the small injuries, so Norv making him a do it all back, and just that one feature back scares me, especially with the depth we have. Going into games with Brinkley/Brown as the starters doesn't make me feel too good about TDEK's injury history. I LOVE me some LeRon McClain. Dude is just a football player.

I think that this is a position thats getting underrated by tons of people that we actually HEAVILY upgraded at. I dont think VJ is as good as he was 2 or 3 years ago. He was a guy who was strictly getting by on speed, size and jump ball ability, and he's lost a lot of his speed last year or two, and just wasn't getting seperation on guys deep, he was only getting catches off out jumping and just being stronger than guys. Meachem will be able to get by guys with his speed and we wont lose anything as a blocker. There isn't that much the "#1" role in our O is asked to do, he's almost strictly a deep threat, which is perfect for Meachem. Floyd can do a whole lot of things, tough over the middle, stretch deep with jump ball ability. Brown perfect possession receiver, who has some sneaky deep ball ability he showed last year. Royal's got that speed underneath to take a short rout to the house, and can stretch the seam pretty damn well too. Any 5th/6th receiver that we have is a bonus.

Once again, real happy about this position. I dont think McMichael makes the roster, since Rosario is a great fit for that H Back position and is a better receiver, and is more athletic at this point than McMichael is. Green is a good project, will probably get some spot duty as a GL guy, maybe even as a WR in jump ball situations with that massive wingspan/length/vertical. Gates should be back to in between the last few years and his prime, which is fine for me, he's better than most TE's in the league at 70%, i expect him to be 80-90%.

Gaither could be a top 3 LT in the game easy if he continues playing like he did the last couple games last year, and he looks like he could easily do that. He's the type of guy that you can commonly worry bout the new contract making him lazy. But i think he really likes playing here and i think he'll be a stud. Clary's been the scapegoat for quite a while now, but watching quite a few games from last year, and i've come to the conclusion that its undeserved. Alot of his sacks game from Rivers getting pressure from the left, so he drifts right into Clary's man, or Clary washes a guy outside, and Rivers doesn't step up right. Clary is a weird player to watch. There was more than a few plays where he was just dominating in the run game, and did a great job on the edge. A big majority of the plays he was solid, not getting big movement, but getting in solid position, and not losing ground, but also not driving his guy off the ball, or just doing a solid job technique wise vs. rushers. But there's that one out of every 20 plays, that he just looks like he stands there with his thumb up his [inappropriate/removed] and gets thoroughly embarrassed, getting run around in the pass rush, or giving up major, play killing penetration in the run game, or getting blown back.

I'm not too woried this year, but next year i'm worried. Green is going to be a very solid OG. He got into incredible shape this past offseason and is really prepared to run with his newly gained starting position. RG is more where i'm worried. Its easy to hide an average/below avg OG if you have a good C and T, especially in our man system (which is exactly what we have on the Left side), but the Vasquez/Clary combo isn't a great one. At least one of them is gone after next year, most likely Vasquez IMO, Clary could be gone too, but likely we'll take a year project or something.

We're more than set here. Hardwick is a great player. I think Molk is giong to be a really good player. He's alittle injury prone, but he's a beast in terms of strength and leverage, will do a good job vs. those big NT's. But the best thing he brings, like Hardwick, is the extreme knowledge and the mental game is absolutely on point. He's one of the more pro ready young C's in the C. He'll be a good one in a few years.


This is a little bit of a concern for me. A lot of people have a TON of faith in Cam Thomas. But i've been solid in my opinion that i've yet to see what makes a great NT out of him. He's been a great pass rusher and has been able to do that very well (see 4 sacks last year), but he really hasn't shown all that much as a true clogger in the run game. He hasn't been as stout as his body would suggest. He tries to penetrate and can run himself out of plays. I'm not ruling out that scheme was wrong for him, since Garay seemed to play the same way, but i'm not ready to denounce him our next great NT. He's got some work to do to have a guaranteed job next year.

I'm excited about this group. While Liuget is far from you're prototypical 5T, we can easily be a productive player who plays more like a UT at the DE position. Reyes is more of you classic long, but VERY stout 5T, Castillo is still a solid player, and is very much a guy who's work goes unnoticed because he doesn't put up big numbers. VM's potential is sky high, and he's starting to reaize some of that, but he's going to be a very solid player if nothing else at this point.

I'm not sold at this all. I still dont see any way we get a ton of pressure on QB's unless Ingram is stunting inside and Barnes is rushing outside. I'm not a big Ingram all, and i've been pretty adimate about that during the draft, i just dont ever see him winning as a pass rusher on the edge. SP95 is solid, but unspectacular as a pass rusher, wont have another 10+ sack year IMO. Barnes is a beastly pass rusher, but he's the only guy on our entire team that i think can consistently win as a edge rusher, and he's strictly a situational player. English has shown flashes, but not consistent enough to be couted on to save our pass rush with Barnes. This unit will be GREAT in all other areas. JJ, SP95 and Ingram area all known for their versatility, whether its stopping the run or droping into coverage, they can do it all. I dont think our pass rush issues are solved at all, which is going to hurt our CB's. A more aggressive DC should help a bit, but dont expect a big change next year.

Once again, i love the group we have. Spikes and Mouton are very much so those types of physical thumpers who will take on blockers and clog the holes, and feed the tackles back to the side of Butler or Williams, who are both gonna rack up the tackles next year. Spikes is an awesome mentor for these young guys to get them all set up and ready to transition the team from the old to the new, especially when you got Butler and Mouton, two very young, smart guys who really want to get better and learn from the experiences that Spikes has had, and Mouton's even asking Butler for advice since he was put in a similar situation. People forget Demorrio Williams earned himself a spot in the starting lineup the year the Chiefs switched to the 3-4 and put DJ on the bench, which is pretty impressive. He's racked up 132 tackles in a year and is a very solid backup to have. Gachkar is an interesting case to look at. He's got a very good future as a nickle/dime package LB, who excels in pass coverage.

This group is neither here nor there IMO. We're still lacking that true #1, shutdown CB, though Cason has the potential to step up and be that guy, if he's in the right scheme. If we're playing Zone again, Wright has the ability to be an Asante Samuel type player. Gilchrist IMO can be a great nickle, but can also play outside with some success if we decide to play more man (we got 3 pure man CB's, and 1 pure zone guy, a weird mix). People keep compaining about depth here, i dont get it. Just because guys are young, doesn't mean they cant play. Both these guys are incredibly talented, and are just going to get better. We dont need a vet guy, if a player gets hurt, then we'll deal with our depth behind those guys, maybe then signing a vet guy then, but we dont need that to take up an extra roster spot right now.

Weddle is going to do Weddle. He is never a player in question. He's one of the most consistent players in the league. A right place at the right time guy, will get some INT's like that, and will make a lot of tackles just being a solid player. I think we're good at SS though. Taylor isn't going to be anything special, but he's incredibly pro ready, a great leader, a smart player, and just another guy who's just all around solid, but not spectacular in one area. Good ball skills when playing the deep half, will get exposed in man coverage, but can make some big hits if the oppertunity presents itself, but wont go for that big hit if its not assured or he has a chance to make a play on the ball. Like i said before, just a great, smart all around player. Bigby is a perfect compliment. He's a great player when he's on the field, so we want him coming off the bench. He's probably the better SS, but in order to keep him healthy, cut his minutes down and keep him most effective. He was healthy last year, which is a good sign that he'll have a decent chance to stay healthy this year.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like this analysis.

Too bad Todman never made the roster, we could use someone like him on the team. McClain is a baller. I'm so glad we picked him up.

TE is the best it's been in a minute. Gaither was the best LT in the league at the end of the season and I expect more of the same next year. I'm worried about OG and Clary though.

I fully believe in Cam Thomas as a pass rusher, but his run game holds him back. Once he improves there, he's a solid #2 NT who won't hurt too much if he has to start a couple games.

We should be good at OLB. As long as Philips doesn't slow down, we have JJ, Ingram, and Barnes. THAT is depth. As for ILB, I hope Mouton follows in Butler's footsteps. Butler could emerge this year for sure, I see him being a top 3 player on the D this year honestly.

We have serious problems at CB. Weddle should have another great year though and SS is okay I guess

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