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Create a WWF Show: Week One Show Thread (voting up)

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Better Show?
Sabotage Saturday Night
 16%  [ 2 ]
Saturday Night Anarchy
 41%  [ 5 ]
Saturday Night Riot
 0%  [ 0 ]
Thursday Night RAGE
 8%  [ 1 ]
Capstone Wrestling Soiree
 0%  [ 0 ]
Adrenaline Rush
 33%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 12

Author Message
Its A Sabotage

Joined: 14 May 2010
Posts: 38219
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:04 pm    Post subject: Create a WWF Show: Week One Show Thread (voting up) Reply with quote

Sabotage Saturday Night
Outro Song
Theme Song

The Crew:
General Manager: Its A Sabotage
Play-by-play Commentator: Paul Heyman
Color Commentator: Gorilla Monsoon
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Backstage Interviewer: Coach
Backstage Interviewer: Kevin Kelley[/size]

Piper’s Pit-
The Legion of Doom, challenging the rest of the back room to a tag team tournament.
Macho Man puts his two cents in, LoD attacks, Ultimate Warrior saves him, they begin the
tournament in the NO DQ match.

Mr. Perfect v. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (5 minutes)
Hacksaw enters, two by four in hand. Scream HOOOOO! As he goes to stick up his thumb, Mr.
Perfect’s music cuts, and attacks Hacksaw mid stride down the ramp. Gets in cheap shots and
a shot with the two by four before throwing him into the ring. Perfect throws Hacksaw into
the turnbuckle, climbs the ropes, gives him a hard 10 to the face before the ref pulls him off.
Dazed, Hacksaw begins to swing wildly, Perfect moves, counters, and grapples, hits him with
the Perflect-Plex, 1-2-3. Perfect wins.

Dusty Rhodes v. Abdullah the Butcher -- Hardcore match (25 minutes)
Dusty walks out and begins to taunt and goes on a rant about where the Butcher comes from.
Abdullah, sneaks through the crowd, and comes up from behind and stabs Dusty with a fork.
Match starts.
Match goes the way of Abdullah at the start, and the fork, still firmly in the arm of Dusty.
Abdullah, after grapples and chain knuckle shots, gets Dusty to the outside of the ring.
Abdullah stands Dusty up against the ring post. He finds a trashcan under the ring and
proceeds to run at Dusty, Dusty moves, trash can explodes into Abdullah’s face. Dusty
capitalizes and gives Abdullah a DDT into the ring stairs. Dusty picks up a chair, cracks
Abdullah over the head, breaking him open. Places Abdullah onto the announce table, gives
him a condensed Polka Dot Drop, 1-2-3. Dusty wins.

Macho Man Randy Savage / The Ultimate Warrior v. Hawk and Animal – The Legion of Doom
(30 minutes)
Macho and Warrior make their way out to the ring.
The Road Warriors run out to the ring and open up on the pair. Hawk throws Macho over the
ropes, leaving Animal and Warrior in the ring.
Match opens up.
A back and forth match, with Warrior having early and often luck against both Animal and
Hawk. When a blind tag is made, Hawk re-enters and gives a series of hard power slams.
When Warrior calls forth his inner strength, goes for the gorilla press slam, turns, and catches
a hard boot to his sternum from Animal, drops Hawk, which causes Macho to enter. The ref
loses control, and it becomes a brawl. Ref gets knocked out for trying to move Macho and
Animal from the ring. Piper re-enters, begins to whip Macho and he takes him to the outside.
After a series of tag team presses and slams, Animal sets Warrior onto his shoulders, Hawk
hits him with the Doomsday Machine, Piper throws the ref into the ring. Legion of Doom wins.

Lex Luger v. Yokozuna -- Flag Match (15 minuutes)
Both men enter.
Flags are placed.
Men grapple and chop.
Lex lands a combo of clotheslines. Yoko is unfazed.
On the fourth one, he catches Lex and body slams him.
Goes for the flag, Lex catches him.
Yoko on the buckle still, kicks, lands a miss-kick into Lex’s face, knocking him down.
Yoko goes for the Yoko-bomb.
Lex stays down.
Yoko gets the flag and proceeds to beat Lex into the break.

During the break, Lex is upset over the screw up, challenges him for the next show.

Vader v. Bam Bam Bigelow (15 minutes)

Vader and Bam Bam brawl.
Each lands numerous take downs.

Cuts from match to show Lex destroying the backstage area.

Vader lands a Vaderbomb when the show cuts back.
Vader wins.

Ron Simmons / Marty Jannetty v. Rick and Scott Steiner – The Steiner Brothers (15 minutes)
– Ron Simmons is frantically searching for a partner…only finds Jannetty putting on his

Scott Steiner takes out Marty in the backstage.
Ron fights by himself.
Ron knocks out Rick with a clothesline, sending Rick reeling, back towards Scott, Scott gets
the phantom tag, Rick stumbles to the outside.
Ron and Scott 1 on 1.
Ron tired, can’t keep up with Scott.
Scott goes for the superplex.
Nails it and goes for the cover.
Marty re-enters, stumbling.
Marty breaks up the 3 count.
Ron gets up, tags in Marty.
Marty begins to move fast paced.
Multiple kicks and high flying moves.
He lands a Showstopper.
Ron and Marty Win, go on to face The Legion of Doom next week.

Bob Backlund v. Jerry Lawler -- Drop Match (5 minutes)
Bob starts with an Atomic Drop.
Jerry with a Body Slam.
Bob a running power slam.
Jerry is hurt.
Jerry goes for the Fireball.
Lands it, gives Bob an additional Piledriver.
Jerry is DQ’d and assaults Bob with various kicks.

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Rowdy Roddy Piper – Heavy Weight Title (35 minutes)
Glass Breaks.
Bag pipes.
Stone Cold opens up before Roddy gets his kilt off. Roddy counters when they hit the ground.
Stands up and begins to whip Stone Cold with his belt.
Stone Cold gets up, spine busters into ground punches.
Piper rolls out of the ring.
Grabs a chair, swings, gets the chair kicked into his face.
Stone cold again, unleashes with rights and lefts.
Throws Piper back into the ring.
Piper quickly recovers.
Dropkicks Stone Cold’s knee, it buckles.
Piper works the knee and leg.
Throws him into a figure 4 leg lock.
Stone Cold after a minute of being in the move and trying to reverse, gets to the rope.
Stone Cold is now hobbled.
Gets to his feet, Piper continues to work the leg.
Stone Cold gets his bearings, throws Piper into the ropes, gives him a DDT.
Both men down to an 8 count.
Stone Cold gets up first, gives Piper a spinebuster.
Piper gets up wobbles into a Stunner.

Stone Cold is the champ.
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Its A Sabotage

Joined: 14 May 2010
Posts: 38219
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Adrenaline_Flux wrote:

Show Name: Adrenaline Rush

Official Song

Show One

*After the opening is played, pyro begins to go off and the stadium erupts in cheers.*

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever edition of Adrenaline Rush here in the National Wrestling Federation. I'm Jim Ross and alongside me is my broadcast partner, Jerry "The King" Lawler!

Jerry Lawler: Oh, I've got goosebumps, JR! This is going to be a historic night and the beginning of something special.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NWF Commissioner Adrenaline_Flux!

*Adrenaline_Flux' music plays throughout the arena. He comes out to the ring and announces that tonight, we will see 2 10-man battle royals to determine the participants in the first ever NWF World Title match at the upcoming PPV. He announces that the first of those matches will take place next.

Ten Man Battle Royal for NWF World Title Contendership
Bret Hart vs Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair vs British Bulldog vs Brian Pillman vs Samoa Joe vs Nigel McGuinness vs Christopher Daniels vs Paul London vs Brian Kendrick

The match starts with Hart Foundation members Bret Hart, British Bulldog, and Brian Pillman going 3-on-2 against Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair and Londrick attacking Samoa Joe while Nigel McGuinness and Christopher Daniels lock up.

Joe reverses an irish whip and hits a stiff mid-kick on Kendrick and then an uppercut on London. He heads over and grabs Pillman and starts fighting with him.

The first elimination occurs when Daniels charges at Nigel, groggy on the ropes, and Nigel back bodydrops Daniels out of the ring and to the floor. Nigel surveys the current carnage going on in the ring and decides to hang back for a while.

Flair and Steamboat begin to make a comeback against Hart and Bulldog when Flair low blows Bulldog and pokes Hart in the eyes. He signals to Steamboat to help him against them, but grabs Steamboat when his back is turned and throws him out of the ring. "WOOOOOOOOO!" He turns around and Kendrick is running at him, but he throws him to the outside of the ropes where he holds on. London runs at him, but he throws him into Kendrick, eliminating Kendrick and he then tosses London out of the ring. "WOOOOOOO----" Flair is eliminated from behind by Hart and Bulldog.

It is now The Hart Foundation on one side of the ring and Samoa Joe and Nigel McGuinness on the other side of the ring. Hart and Bulldog run at Joe and Nigel, but Pillman stops mid-run and decides to dip underneath the ropes to look under the ring.

Both Joe and Nigel duck underneath of attempted clotheslines and begin to brawl with Hart and Bulldog. Joe has Hart against the ropes and is trying to eliminate him when Pillman, from outside the ring, cracks him in the face with a kendo stick. The camera shows Pillman and his menacing laugh. Pillman slides back into the ring and helps Hart eliminate Joe.

On the other side of the ring, Bulldog is down on the ground after being hit with the Tower of London by Nigel. Nigel gets up to see that it is just The Hart Foundation and him now in the ring. He yells "Come at me, ye bloody wankers!" Hart turns to Pillman and tells him to go get him. Pillman runs at Nigel and they meet in the middle of the ring where Nigel tries to irish whip him, but it is reversed and Nigel is irish whipped toward the ropes. Nigel is able to turn this into the Jawbreaker Lariat though. Bulldog and Pillman are down and it is just Hart and Nigel left standing. Hart stares Nigel down as Nigel carefully picks up Bulldog and throws him out of the ring. Their eyes never leave each other. Nigel carefully picks up Pillman and eliminates him. Hart smirks and claps slowly. It's just Hart and Nigel now.

They lock up in the middle of the ring and go into a back-and-forth affair before Bulldog and Pillman head back into the ring. Hart stops them though and tells them to leave. Bulldog leaves, but Pillman hesitates and argues with Hart for a moment, nearly allowing Nigel to eliminate Hart. Hart holds on though and Pillman gets in a punch on Nigel before he leaves. Hart hits a russian legsweep, picks Nigel up and irish whips him toward the turnbuckle. Hart goes over to Nigel, but is met with a forearm. Nigel sets Hart up for the Tower of London, but Hart fights back. Hart suplexes Nigel to the outside of the ropes, setting him on the apron. Nigel fights back though and gets back into the ring. Hart tries to irish whip him outside, but Nigel counters into a Jawbreaker Lariat attempt and Hart counters and manages this time to successfully irish whip him outside onto the apron. Hart runs at Nigel and as Nigel prepares to defend himself, Hart performs a baseball slide, kicking Nigel's feet out from under him and eliminating him.

Winner: Bret Hart

*After the match, we see Harley Race backstage getting ready for his match tonight. Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli walk up to him. They refer to him as the former King of Wrestling and tell him to pay attention to their match coming up soon as it will feature the true kings of wrestling.*

*Matt Striker catches up to Nigel McGuinness making his way to the lockerroom after his match. Striker asks him for his thoughts on nearly becoming one of the contenders for the NWF title and Nigel tells him "I went at the king and I missed" before walking away upset.*

*Adrenaline_Flux is in his office.*

Adrenaline_Flux: Ladies and gentlemen... along with the NWF World title, we will also be including a tag team title. Next show, we will see a tag tournament involving 16 of our 20 performers. The four performers will be Bret Hart, the winner of the other battle royal later on, and two wrestlers of their choosing. Instead, those participants will perform in the main event where the winners will receive a special surprise for winning. More on that next week. As for up next... we have a small preview with two of the best teams we were able to bring in. Enjoy.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs "The Kings of Wrestling" Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli

Finish: Despite already performing early, Londrick puts up a valiant fight in this back and forth affair. London attempts a 450 Splash on Claudio, but he rolls out of the way. London gets up and is knocked out by a rolling elbow from Hero and Claudio is able to get the pinfall.

Winners: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli

*We see a preview for Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel coming up next featuring Bret Hart.*

Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel Featuring Bret Hart

*Chris Jericho is in the ring. He talks about how Bret Hart won earlier and believes he is the best in the world, but Jericho is the true best in the world. He was the first ever undisputed champion and never needed a faction like Bret does.

Bret comes to the ring by himself. He says that he doesn't need the Hart Foundation to win, but he takes care of his friends. He says that being a Hart is special and is something Irvine, or rather, Jericho wouldn't understand. Jericho fires back saying that just like how his downfall in the past was letting the business get too personal, it will be his downfall now. He says that he has done nothing but have fun in his professional life. That he is literally the ayotollah of rock-and-rollah!~ He says that he's going to win tonight and that at the PPV, he won't need a screwjob to beat Bret and that it will only take a screwjob from him and his buddies for him to lose. Bret says Jericho is looking too far ahead and should be worrying about the Hart Foundation tonight rather than in the future. Bret smirks as he leaves the ring and receives a mixed reaction. Jericho then plays up to the crowd and we go to commercial with loud Y2J chants.*

*Ricky Steamboat is in Adrenaline_Flux' office. He asks for a match against Ric Flair. Flux tells him that he will face him next week in the first round of the tag tournament. Steamboat says that's not quite what he wanted, but he respects the decision and will perform at his best.*

Christopher Daniels vs Steve Corino

Finish: Good back and forth match. Daniels rebounds from being the first eliminated in the first battle royal to win a technically sound match-up against Corino after Corino is busted open on the turnbuckle and Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

*After the match, officials are tending to Corino. It is unclear whether he will be able to participate in the second battle royal coming up soon.*

*In the lockerroom, we see Bobby Roode frantically looking for something. Colt Cabana walks up and asks him what his boot size is. Roode asks him where it is and Cabana says that he saw size two boots earlier. Cabana walks off leaving Roode confused, until we here "BLOODY HELL" and we see William Regal come out of a stall saying someone defiled the sanctity of wrestling gear. Roode looks angry as the show goes to commercial.*

Ten Man Battle Royal for NWF World Title Contendership
Chris Jericho vs Owen Hart vs Jim Neidhart vs Chris Hero vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Harley Race vs William Regal vs Colt Cabana vs Steve Corino vs Bobby Roode

The match opens with eight of the ten men in the ring, minus Roode and Corino. As the bell is about to sound, Roode rushes to the ring - half running/half putting his boot on. The ref settle things out again and is about to ring for the bell when Corino rushes to the ring with his head stapled and bandaged. The bell finally sounds.

Hero and Castagnoli target Race, Hart and Neidhart target Jericho, Regal and Roode target Cabana, but Corino is there to help him out.

Jericho is being pummeled in one corner, Race in another, and Cabana/Corino are fighting Roode/Regal on the other side. Eventually they splinter off to Roode/Cabana in one corner and Regal/Corino in the other corner. Roode is throwing fists down on Cabana at the turnbuckle, until Cabana lowblows him. Cabana walks to the middle of the ring and does his "my bad shrug." He turns around and sees Roode rushing at him. He irish whips him toward the ropes and begins to do his perpendicular rope running routine. Per usual, he yells "STOP!" in the middle of the ring with his hands in the air and Roode stops. He yells "LOOK UP!" and Roode fires back with "NO!" He drops a dollar bill "WHOOPS! LOOK DOWN!" Roode hesitates and Cabana stops on his feet and begins to cackle. Roode recovers and runs at him, but Cabana uses his momentum to throw him over the ropes and then uses a guillotine jawbreaker to eliminate Roode.

Meanwhile, Regal pulls out his brass knuckles and re-opens Corino's wound. Corino falls to the ground and Regal tries picking him up, but Cabana hits him from behind and the begin to fight while Corino remains down.

Hero and Claudio are still beating up on Race, but he begins to fight back. He uses a head scissors on Claudio and hits Hero with a scoop slam. He plays to the crowd and heads up on the turnbuckle, but is nailed with an uppercut from Claudio, sending him to the floor and out of the match.

Jericho nails a double lowblow on Owen and Neidhart to buy him some time. Right now, Jericho, Owen, Neidhart, and Corino are down on the ground. Hero & Claudio head over to Cabana and Regal and break them up. Hero begins to fight with Regal and Claudio fights with Cabana. Claudio has Cabana against the ropes, but Corino runs over and rolls Claudio over the ropes eliminating him. Hero sees what happens and ditches Regal to go nail Corino will a rolling elbow, knocking him out. Hero picks him up and throws him over the tope rope, eliminating him. Hero is yelling outside of the ring at Corino when Cabana comes from behind and starts to try to eliminate him. Claudio tries to stop him, but Owen and Neidhart, now up, prevent him from doing it and eliminate both Cabana and Hero. They turn around and Jericho yells "Come on, *profanityclown* (you guys know the drill)" and Neidhart runs at him while Owen hangs back. Jericho is able to use his momentum to eliminate him.

Owen and Jericho meet eyes until Regal nails Owen from behind with brass knuckles. Jericho then hits an enziguri on Regal. Jericho picks up Regal and throws him over. He then picks up Owen and throws him over. Both are able to hang on. Jericho runs at them, but both get a shot in on him making him stagger back. Owen and Regal are battling each other, trying to eliminate each other. Regal tries for the knucks again, but Owen throws them away. Owen is yelling for Jim, but he is nowhere to be found. Regal tries to go for an uppercut, but Owen moves back then hits a superkick on Regal, eliminating him. Owen turns toward the ring and is about to re-enter when Jericho hits him with a codebreaker and eliminates him.

Winner: Chris Jericho

*Chris Jericho is celebrating when Bret Hart comes out and down the ramp a bit with Bulldog, Pillman, and Neidhart behind him. Bret stops, smirks, and begins to slowly applaud. Owen walks past him, holding his head, and continues up the ramp. Bret and Jericho stare each other down as Adrenaline Rush goes off the air.*

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Its A Sabotage

Joined: 14 May 2010
Posts: 38219
PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lionsfanforever wrote:
Welcome everyone to Saturday Night Riot from Detroit Michigan!! My name is Lionsfanforever I'm the owner and GM of this show and I have to say this night will be special a night that will change wrestling forever. Tonight every championship will be decided. Tonight we'll have RVD vs Chris Benoit vs Austin Aries for the Xtreme Title, Motor City Machine Guns vs Matt Morgan and Crimson for Tag Team Titles, Booker T vs Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio in a Handcap match, Wade Barrett vs JBL, Rhyno vs Bobby Lashley, and for the World Title Batista's Music hits Batista enters the ring with a mic in his hand getting a standing cheer by the crowd.

Batista: Mr. LFF your might be wondering why I'm out here.

LFF: No I know exactly why your he

Batista: Shut up and don't ever interrupt me ever again, what I was going to say was that there will be no match because the World Championship is going to be given to me, because I'm unbeatable. I don't care what anybody was to say.

The lights go out Out comes the UnderTaker to a huge pop he walks to the ring and after taking his hat off grabs LFF's mic and says to Batista.

Undertaker: The ony way you get the title is by facing me, and I promise by the end of the night you will REST IN PEACE!!!

After that Undertaker climbs out of the ring and the show goes to commericial.

Coming back from commercial the camera shows the announce table that features Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

JR: Paul what do you think about Batista and Undertaker putting themselves into the World title match

Paul: What are you talking about JR? Batista should be the rightfull Champion and he'll prove it later tonight by beating Undertaker.

JR: Personally Paul I think your full of crap, but one thing is for sure the World Title match will be a slobberknocker.

Paul: All I know is Batista will win this match, now focus on your job JR.

JR: Right now folks we have a match between to wrecking balls with Bobby Lashley and Rhyno.

Christy Hemme: This match is set for pinful or submission, coming to the ring from Colorado Springs Colorado weighting in at 6-3, 273 lbs Bobby Lashley

Paul: Look at this guy JR he is jacked up and looks like he's ready to fight.

JR: Indeed Paul, the former Marine and ECW champion looks like he's out to prove something tonight.

Christy Hemme: And his oppenent from Detroit Michigan , weighting at 6-2 275 lbs Rhyno (he gets a huge cheer from his hometown fans)

JR: This bout is under way with both competitors trading blows to each other. Rhyno Irsh Whips Lashley and goes for a clothesline.

Paul: Oh my God JR did you see that Lashley didn't even go done.

JR: Now Lashley has grabbed Rhyno into a corner and is kicking him, he stops at a count of four.

Paul: The refs need to put a stop to this Lashley is out of control.

JR: Lashley Irish whips Rhyno into the corner and misses and barely misses a spear as Rhyno side steps out of the way.

Paul: JR don't ignore me!

JR: Shut up Paul I'm trying to do my job, Rhyno HITS THE SPINEBUSTER on Lashley. Rhyno pulls Lashy up Irish whips Lashley to the hopes and Lashley jumps over the Spear.

Paul: Look at that athletitism by Lashley.

JR: Lashley appling the full nelson Rhyno trying to break the submission attempt, Lashley slaming Rhyno to the ground with the full nelson slam. Lashley pulling Rhyno up oh a low blow by Rhyno. Rhyno seting up for the Spear. He misses as Lashley hits the ropes and SPEAR THEY BOTH HIT THE SPEAR. Both lay motionless on the ground but Lashley is crawling to Rhyno with the cover 1..2..

Paul: No he can't win come on Rhyno

JR: 3

Christy Hemme: Your winner Bobby Lashley ( Big pop from the fans at the Joe)

Show heads to commerical

Show comes back on camrea's are back stage with Josh Matthews.

Matthews: I would like to introduce my guest right now RVD (Huge POP from the crowd) RVD wwhat do you thonk about your upcoming triple threat match dor the Xtreme chanpionship match

RVD: Well as it is a triple threat match there will be lots of confusion which I love and as for the Xtreme Championship it sounds like that Title was made for me.

Matthews: Last question what do you think of your opponents?

RVD: You can never count out Chris Benoit, and Austin Aries I've heard he's been making splashes in TNA so we'll see.

Matthews: Thank for your time.

JR: So who do think will win Paul?

Paul: I'm going with RVD like he said this title was made for him.

Christy Hemme: The following match is a handicapped match from Houstin Texas, Booker T.. (Boos rain down from the crowd)

Paul: Why are they booing him? He is one of the greatest ECW wrestlers ever.

Christy Hemme: And his opponent from San Diego California Rey Mysterio (Decent Pop from the crowd)... and his partner from Ghana West Africa Kofi Kingston.

Paul: why are these guys getting cheered they have no talent.

JR: Because Paul they are two of the best high flyiers in the WWE.

Paul: Whatever

JR: And here he go Mysterio and Booker T to start. Booker pushing Mysterio into the corner and starts to go to work on his midsection. Hits two chops (WOAH from the crowd) goes for a 3rd but Mysterio ducks under it and starts to hit Booker in the head with his rights.

Paul: Stop it Rey your going to ruin his face.

JR: Hip bump by Booker, has he goes to fore arm Rey, Rey blocks it and goes back to work on Booker's head. Knee to the gut by Booker and Mysterio staggers into the corner, Booker whips Rey into the opposite corner gets a running start but runs right into Mysterio's leg.

Paul: Again to the face.

JR: Rey slides up to the second rope and goes for the rolling pin with a kick out at 2. Mysterio hits the ropes jumps on to Booker and slams Booker T the ground goes for the pin and gets a 2 count.

Paul: Mysterio is tricky I'll give him that.

JR: Oh drop kick to the face by Mysterio, Booker gets up misses with a wild clothesline and Mysterio with a heel toe drag as Booker T head lands on the 2nd rope. Setting up for a 619 and Booker rolls out of the way. Mysterio with a suicide dive to the outside

Paul: Oh my God

Show goes to commerial
Back to the show

JR: Welcome back as both competitors are back in the ring, knee to the gut by Booker T. Booker going for the scissor kick but misses and Mysterio with kicks to the back of the leg. Booker stumbles into the corner and Rey jumps up and starts to deliver heymakers, ( Crowd: as Mysterio jumps back down. Booker rolls to the out side Mysterio with the springboard dive and misses.

Paul: There you go Booker

JR: Booker T throws Mysterio back into the ring and what a super kick by Booker, Mysterio trying to get up and a knee to the face. Booker with the cover and a 2 count. Kofi in the corner trying to fire up the crowd.

Paul: Shut up Kofi your distracting me

JR: Booker whips Rey into the corner and begins to hot Rey Mysterio with some chops, Then is Irish whipped into the other corner. Mysterio gets up and hits Booker T with a DDT.

Paul: That was out of total desperation.

JR: I can agree with you there Paul, Mysterio getting up dives and tags in his partner Kofi Kingston. Kofi with a flying forearm and then another, and a huge clothesline by Booker T. Now sending Kofi into the corner turns back to Kofi going back to build up momentum oh and a flip kick reversal by Kofi.


JR: and here comes the Boom Boom drop and it comes next, Kofi waiting for Booker to get to his feet and SMACK..

PAul: I think Kofi took his head off with that Trouble in Paridise,

JR: Booker T head lands on the 2nd rope and here's Mysterio with a 619 now Mysterio up to the top rope for a West Coast pop. Kofi with the cover 1..2..3

Christ Hemme: and your winners of this match the team of Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio.

Paul: It's not fair JR who even comes up with these matches?

JR: I can't wait for the rest of the night

Show goes to commercial while on commerical it shows a Wade Barrett promo
Barrett: I'm Wade Barrett and when I'm at best I'm undefeatable, and I'm out to prove there is no one better than me.

Paul: Wade was a bright future in this business.

JR: I agree Paul

Christy Hemme: This match is scheduled for pinful or submission. coming to the ring from Blackpool England, Wade Barrett.... (Boo), and his oppenent from New York City, JBL(More boo's from the crowd)

JR: This bout is under way with the English Bareknuckle champion taking it to JBL. Barrett follows up those punches with a back kick to the gut of JBL, Barrett goes for s suplex but JBL blocks it with his leg and it he hits a suplex of his own.

Paul: That was veteran reversal by JBL

JR: JBL goes for a pin but a kickout at 2, picks up Barrett with a punch to the face, Barrett stumples into the corner and JBL hits him with a clothesline. JBL follows it up with a elbow drop.

Paul: JBL is straight up dominating this match up.

JR: Goes for the count and gets another 2, JBL hits the pumphandle slam. JBL picks up Barrett whips off the whips misses a clothlesline from hell, but Barrett hits a big boot.

Paul: You better watch yourself Barrett because if JBL suffers bain damage becuase of that you will be sued.

JR: Barrett climbing up to the top rope and hits JBL with a elbow drop. Goes for the cover but JBL kicks out at a count of 2, Barrett setting up for Wasteland, he gets him up, no JBL gets out of it, and a huge Clothlesline From Hell. 1..2..3

Paul: NIce try Barrett but you can't beat JBL. JR are you ready for the title match next.

JR: I'm very excited Paul

Christy Hemme: The following is a triple threat match and is for the Xtreme title first weighting at 5'11 and 234 lbs coming from Montreal Qubec, Canada he is the Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit

JR: And a huge pop for Benoit from this sold out Detroit crowd

Christy Hemme: And his oppenent wieghting at 6 ft 235lbs from Battle Creek Michigan Rob Van Dam

Paul: JR you are looking at the most extreme wrestler ever this man is amazing.

Christy Hemme: And there oppenent weighting in at 5'9 210lbs from Milwaukee Wisconsin Austin Aries

JR: This man was been on a tear in TNA wining its championship and is the only two time ROH champion. And we are off as RVD and Chris Benoit going straight at each other Benoit whips RVD into the corner hits a clothesline and follows that up with a series of chops, and Austin Aries goes for a rolling pin from behind Benoit and a kick out at one. Austin Aries goes and hits RVD in the face with a missile drop kick, going back to Benoit, Aries hits Benoit and then follows up with a pendulum elbow.

Paul: he's so fluid with very motion he makes.

JR: Aries with a cover and a kick out at two by Benoit, Aries tries for a suples but is leg blocked by Benoit and here we go one suplex by Benoit and another and finally a third. Benoit goes for a cover and is broken up by RVD. RVD hitting the ropes and hits Benoit with a spinning heel kick. Now he grabs Aries and hits a northern lights suplex with a pin attempt and kick out at 2 and half, RVD going up top and is hit by Chris Benoit. Benoit now Irish whips Austin Aries out of the ring, Benoit following Aries to the outside, Benoit grabs Aries and hits his head on the barrier he goes for it again but gets elbowed in the gut he staggers to the apron and OH MY GOD RVD with the Guillotine Leg Drop on Benoit. Aries grabs RVD back into the ring and follows him in. RVD gets up and hit Aries with a Van Dominator.

Paul: I think Aries is out cold:

JR: RVD going for the and its the rolling thunder now he goes top rope he's up and hits the 5 star frog splash goes for the cover 1..2... pulled off by Benoit and Paul Benoit has the Crippler Crossface locked in on Van Dam and he has to tap... He did it RVD tapped out to Benoit.

Paul: .....

Christy Hemme: Your winner and new Xtreme champion Chris Benoit!!!

Paul: that match will go down as the best match in the history of Saturday Night Riot!!!

JR: And we still have the tag team championship match and the World Title match.

Goes to comercial

Comes back from commercial showing Christy Hemme in the ring.

Hemme: This match is for the Tag Team Championship from Detriot Michigan Alex Schelley and Chris Sabine they are the MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS!!! (the crowd is so loud that the ground thoughout Detroit shake)

Paul: If the Machine Guns don't win none of us are making it out of here alive.

Hemme: And there oppenents The Blue Print Matt Morgan and Crimson

JR: Here we go we start with Chris Sabin vs Matt Morgam, and Morgan starts with a head lock to Sabin, throws at the ropes and hits Sabin with a shoulder block. Matt Morgan grabs and starts to work on the arm Sabin on the mat spins under and takes down Morgan with a toe drag. Sabin tags in Shelley, while Sabin is using a surfboard stretch then Shelley comes off the top rope with a leg drop. Shelley goes to work on Matt Morgan's arm, Morgan springs up and reverse and start to twist Shelleys arm. Morgan tags into his partner Crimson and they start hit Shelley with kicks in the corner. Crimson hits Shelley with a seated missile dropkick. Crimson takes Shelley to the corner slams his head onto the corner and tags in Morgan Shelley with a dropkick to Morgan's leg, and tags in Sabin Shelley both back kicks Morgan in the gut and then a duel superkick to the head and the cover 1..2...3

Paul: The MCMG work amazing together.

Hemme: Your winners and new tag Team Champions Alex Schelley and Chris Sabin the Motor City Machine Guns!!!

JR: What a huge night and we still have the World Title up for grabs.

Goes to commerical, comes back ands shows a replay of all the matches of the night.

Paul: What a great opening night for the Saturday Night Riot. Now bring on the championship match.

Hemme: this match is set for pinfull or submission and is for the World Championship Coming to the ring first from Washington DC THe Animal Batista

Paul: Here we go JR the face of Saturday Night Riots right here Batista.

Hemme: and his oppenent from Death Valley California the Dead Man The UNDERTAKER.

JR: Perhaps the greatest wrestler of all time the Undertaker is ready to lead this show to the top of the ratings.

JR: and here we go and right away Batista with a takedown to the Undertaker, they go to the corner and Batista hammers the Undertaker with rights. Undertaker reverses and throws Batista into the corner and Undertaker going to work at Batista mid and head section as Batista goes down. Undertaker bring Batista up with two hands to the throat Undertaker hits the ropes and connects with a big boot, he goes for a cover and a kick out at 2. Batista with a shot to the face hits the ropes and a gets hit by a shoulder block by the Undertaker, and Undertaker follows it up with a elbow drop. Undertaker going with a suplex but is reversed and turned into a spinning neckbreaker by Batista. Batista picks up the Undertaker and hits the Jackhammer. Batista with a cover and a kick out at two.

Paul: JR this one the Undertaker's and Batista's match we are witnessing right in front of our eyes.

JR: Batista hits a shoulder block of his own on the Deadman. Now Batista going to the top rope and hits the Undertaker with a diving shoulder block. But Undertaker rises straight up and hits Batista with a flying Clothesline following it up with a leg drop. Now its Batista fighting his way up tries for a Spear but is reversed by the Undertaker with a Backdrop Suplex. Batista gets up and is grapped by the undertaker as he hits a Sidewalk Slam, and Batista rolls out of the ring.

Paul: It looks like Batista is trying to regroup and take a breather.

JR: The Undertaker jumps out of the ring and hits Batista with a Suicide Plancha, Undertaker grabs Batista's head abd hits on the apron, he than climbs u onto the apron and my God hits Batista with a Guillitine Leg Drop. Both competitors back in the ring now as Undertaker ahs Batista setup for a Chokeslam but Batista counters with a desperation Spinebuster both men are on the ground and the refs count is at 6 , the Undertaker gets back to his feet. But Batista is already and hits Undertaker with a Big Boot, and holy crap picks up the Dead Man and hits a Jacknife PowerBomb.

Paul: Come on Batista you got this.

JR: Batista has Undertaker going up for a Batista Bomb butUndertaker some how gets out of it. Undertaker now wah Batista over his headand is taking to the corner and drops him on his head for a snake eyes, Undertaker hits the ropes and delivers a Big Boot.

Paul: We are seeing vintage Undertaker here.

JR: Undertaker was Batista's arm and going to the top ropes and hits the Old School. Now Undertaker daring Batista to get up taunting him with a Chokeslam, Batista gets up and Undertaker has him and delivers a Chokeslam. Batista is pulled up and the Undertaker has him up side down.

Paul: No JR it can't end like this do something JR!

JR: What do you want to do?

Paul: get the refs to stop the match.

JR: It's to later for that as Undertaker hits the Tombstone Piledriver, his signature cover 1..2...3 and it's over. Undertaker is your new World Champion.

Hemme: The winnner of this match and new World Champion the UNDERTAKER.

(Undertaker is standing in the ring as the shows logo appears at the bottom and the show fades out.)

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keepnitgangsta1 wrote:
Potential Squared Wrestling

Saturday Night Anarchy
From: Dallas, Texas

Intro Theme: Cassidy - Def In It

*Opening Video Package*


Jim Ross: Welcome to Potential Squared Wrestling! This is Saturday Night Anarchy and we have a huge show in store for you tonight! Our main event is sure to be a slobberknocker! There is no doubt, that this match will change the landscape of wrestling for this company and the whole industry! But before that, we have some business to take care of. So let's get right into it, the General Manager KIG1 has got something in store for us...

** Entrance: KIG1

KIG1: Saturday Night.. Saturday Night.. Welcome to Saturday Night Anarchy! As your resident general manager, I promise to give you.. the fans.. the best product available. All the other shows do not have the same kind of leadership that this show will bring on a nightly basis.. And with th...... *mic gets cut off*

** Entrance: Muhammad Hassan

*massive boos*

Hassan: Now I know..! That these boring, disgraceful, disrespectful fans do not want to hear all this crap about "ohhh my show is so awesome, tune in." Nobody wants to hear that. What the fans need to hear, is the words coming out of Muhammad Hassan's mouth RIGHT NOW. I am the future of this company! I will not be denied because of my religious beliefs any more! You will learn NOT to deny me. You will learn to RESPECT me. You will learn to LOVE me. Now give me a fair shot. Let me show you who the greatest wrestler on planet earth is. ألعفو (You're welcome)!

KIG1: Well Muhammad...... I promise you that there is no discrimination going on here. Matter of fact, I am willing to give you a fair shot at a match tonight.. Heck, why not right now!? Whaddaya say!?


Hassan: Give me my opponent!

** Entrance: Brock Lesnar

*huge applause*


Match One: Muhammad Hassan vs. Brock Lesnar

Hassan is completely frightened as Lesnar comes to the ring. He looks as if he has seen a ghost. Lesnar enters the ring and simply stares Hassan down right in the eyes. The bell rings and we are now underway. The match starts off fairly slow with Lesnar stalking his prey. Finally, the two grapple one another and the wrestling truly begins. Lesnar looks to be in control during the first portion of the match, hitting a bunch of huge clotheslines from off the ropes. Lesnar goes for a powerbomb, but Hassan counters it into a Back Suplex Backbreaker. Now, Hassan is starting to gain a bit of momentum. After a snap suplex, Hassan goes for the pin. 1...2... kickout! Lesnar does not look to faded after the 2 count however, and begins to control the match once more. After a failed attempt at a F-5, Hassan counters and pushes an off-balance Lesnar out of the ring. Hassan now tries to get a reaction from the crowd as the referee starts his "ring out count". The referee gets up to 5 and Lesnar gets back into the ring. At this point, Hassan is starting to hit a few more punches, but is reverting to dirty tactics such as holding his submissions for too long near the ropes. The referee warns him about it, but he shrugs it off an continues to do it. Finally, the ref warns Hassan that if he does anything more, he will be disqualified. Hassan grins in a "snake like fashion" and almost encourages the boos from the crowd. "Lesnar! Lesnar! Lesnar!," the crowd chants as Lesnar tried to get back in it. Finally, Lesnar fights back and hits a huge suplex! He then hits a Miltary Press Slam and acts like Hassan weighs 20 pounds (throwing him around like a ragdoll). However, when Lesnar gets a little bit too much out of control, he accidentally throws Hassan right into the referee, which knocks the referee out cold. With Hassan and the referee down, Lesnar looks like he doesn't know what to do....

** Entrance: The Iron Sheik

*mixed reaction*

Sheik walks into the ring and yells at Lesnar for knocking over the ref.. Lesnar does not want to hear it and eventually gives Sheik an F-5. Sheik rolls out of the ring very quickly. But by this time, Lesnar is not even paying attention to Hassan, who is stalking and waiting for him to turn around. All of the sudden, Lesnar gets hit by a steel chair! Hassan goes over to the ref and lobbies to get him up. The referee is finally conscious and alert now. Hassan then goes over to Lesnar and puts him in the camel clutch. Lesnar tries to get to the ropes, but ultimately cannot do it. He taps out.

Winner by Submission: Muhammad Hassan



Shelton Benjamin walks up to Ron Killings with a very snarky attitude. They have a match later on and Benjamin is not exactly stoked to be partnered with Killings.

Benjamin: Look, I know we have a tag match a little bit later on. And I know that I am your partner for the night.. But that does not mean that I like you as a man or as a wrestler. At the end of the day, I do not trust anyone here.

Killings: Listen.. I am not exactly thrilled to have you as a partner tonight either. But we gotta do what we gotta do man. Now you don't have to trust me. You don't even have to pretend to like me. But when I'm in the ring tonight.? I'm gonna find ANY way to win this match.

Benjamin: I.....

Alberto Del Rio: Well well well. What do we have here? *massive boos* It's the "Gold Standard" and the fake a** rapper. Good to see you are getting along quite nicely. HAHA. Rick Rude & I however.. We have a plan. We don't care how we win this match, but we are going to make sure that you two don't have any chance. We actually know of something called teamwork. Now get your a**es out of my space, and let me breathe a little bit. You're presence is not well appreciated by the Del Rio fans across the world.

All of the sudden, Rick Rude appears in the background (behind Benjamin and Killings) and hits both of them in the back. Rude & Del Rio walk away laughing as if they are better than Killings & Benjamin.


Match Two: Rocky Johnson vs. X-Pac

** Entrance: Rocky Johnson


** Entrance: X-Pac

*mixed reaction*

Match starts off right away very quickly. Both exchange a good set of moves. Rocky Johnson gets a bunch of "Rocky" chants from the fans which gives him so momentum. The match continues to go on and Rocky Johnson goes for the Boston Crab, but X-Pac grabs the ropes. The crowd is still a bit mixed on both the wrestlers with half of the crowd rooting for Johnson and half the crowd rooting for X-Pac. Later on, Rocky hits the Johnson Shuffle and pins X-Pac.. 1...2... kick out. X-Pac continues to get beaten up, but eventually, X-Pac counters an arm bar and hits the X-Factor. X-Pac pins and the match is over!

*crowd cheers for the most part*

At the end of the match, Rocky gets up (shocked that he lost the match) and X-Pac offers him and handshake. The two men shake in the middle of the ring to the great liking of the fans. It was a very competitive match and the two wrestlers are showing each other respect for the performance. Is this just a sign of respect, or is there more to come out of this "friendship"?

Winner By Pinfall: X-Pac



A video package plays, hyping up the main event for the night. The tape shows the nWo and how Hulk Hogan, Razor Ramon, and Kevin Nash were all a major part of it. It then shows the outsider in the match.. None other than Triple H. The video shows some of the amazing moments in his career, and major wins throughout. The video closes with the Universal Championship being seen for the very first time.


Match Three: Jeff Jarrett vs. Andre The Giant

** Entrance: Jeff Jarrett


** Entrance: Andre The Giant

*huge cheers*

Before the match even starts, General Manager KIG1 walks out and interrupts the bell:

KIG1: Whoaa, hold the bell! This is already a great match that we have in store, don't you all agree. *cheers*. But why don't we add a little something to this match... A small "stipulation"... Let's see here..... Whoever wins this match, will get a guaranteed chance to face off against another wrestler for the Platinum2 Title at the next show. Sound about right..? Well I don't care, ring the damn bell!

The match is finally underway and Andre The Giant has a huge size advantage over the smaller Jeff Jarrett. Also, Andre obviously has the entire crowd in his favor. As the match begins, Andre really dominates hitting a bunch of headbutts and big right hooks to the head of Jarrett. Andre looks like he is trying to work on Jarrett's head. But Jarrett comes back strong as well for a moment, with a flurry of punches that stun Andre a bit. The crowd is obviously surprised that Jarrett is even competitive in this match. With that being said, Andre goes right back to dominating and finishes Jarrett off with a huge kneeling reverse piledriver. Andre pins Jarrett, and it is fairly easy work for the Giant.

He will now be the #1 Contender for the Platinum2 Title.

Winner By Pinfall: Andre The Giant



** Entrance: Ken Shamrock


Shamrock: As you all know. I am the greatest fighter in the world. So it should be of no surprise that I am listed as a top contender for the Platinum2 Title. *smirks*. Oh and by the way, let's give a big round of applause for Andre. Come'on! What a performance....! So if I do face off against him, it would be a challenge.. A challenge that I could face, a challenge that wouldn't be BIGGER than I could handle. No pun intended. Now I am supposed to have a match with the "Legend Killer"... "The Viper"... Yada yada yada, does anybody really care about those names? Everybody makes it out to be like he is a real snake.. A living snake.. Corny I know.

** Entrance: Randy Orton


Randy runs to the ring, looking pissed off!


Shamrock: You see, the disrespect is mutual. Who do you respect in this industry? You need to respect your elders Randall. Why do you get to act like such an "icon" when you don't even respect anything. I mean, take your AWOL days in the Marines for example.

Orton: [fuming].. You did not want to say that.

Orton then hits Shamrock over the head with the microphone that he is holding. And lines him up to kick him in the skull. Orton connects and leaves Shamrock laying there unresponsive. Orton picks up the mic one more time.

Orton: THERE WILL BE NO MATCH TONIGHT! I have proven just this second, who the true contender for the title is! I don't care what anybody says, or what the phony GM says either. It's mine and I could give a crap about anyone besides me in this industry. I'm not here to make friends...

** Entrance: Andre The Giant

Orton runs out of the ring as Andre comes to secure Shamrock from the beating Orton gave out. Orton looks frightened as he exits the ring.


Match Four: Shelton Benjamin & Ron Killings vs. Alberto Del Rio & Rick Rude vs. Evan Bourne & Jimmy Snuka (Three Way Tag) in a #1 Contenders Match for the Tag Team Championship

** Entrance: Shelton Benjamin
** Entrance: Ron Killings


** Entrance: Alberto Del Rio
** Entrance: Rick Rude


** Entrance: Evan Bourne
** Entrance: Jimmy Snuka

*huge cheers* *surprise entrants*

The match starts out with Killings, Del Rio, and Bourne all in the ring at the same time. Right off the bat, Bourne and Killings work to beat up on Del Rio to the delight of the fans. Del Rio eventually makes a tag though after a double clothesline. The match continues to be a thriller as Rick Rude comes in and shows his machismo. Rude hits a huge backbreaker on Bourne and eventually it leads to a hot tag with Snuka. Snuka enters from the top rope and takes out both Benjamin and Rude at the same time. Snuka rides the crowd for a while, but Rude eventually curbs this with a boot to the face. A very interesting part of the match shows Killings and Benjamin working in a great tandem. They are really starting to work as a team even though they have been speaking about not liking each other. To finish up the match, Benjamin pulls off an amazing superplex off the top rope to take out Bourne. Killings then takes out Rude from outside the ring, leaving only Snuka, Benjamin, and Del Rio in the ring. Snuka is not the legal man however, and he gets thrown out by Del Rio. However, when Del Rio turns around, he is hit by the "Paydirt" from Benjamin. Match over!

Benjamin and Killings celebrate in the ring together although it is somewhat reluctantly. They still don't fully trust one another, but they are happy that they will have a shot for the Tag Team Championship.

Winner By Pinfall: Shelton Benjamin & Ron Killings



Triple H is seen getting ready for the match..

KIG1: Whatever happens out there happens big dog. Just know, I can't control the nWo

*screen cuts away with Triple H intense*


Main Event: Hulk Hogan vs. Razor Ramon vs. Kevin Nash vs. Triple H for the Universal Championship (No DQ)

** Entrance: Hogan, Ramon, Nash

*mixed reaction*

** Entrance: Triple H

*huge ovation*

Obviously, this match starts off going a certain way. The nWo is just destroying Triple H at every single angle. The nWo beats up Triple H so badly, that one person will beat him up while the other two taunt the crowd. In typical nWo fashion, these three are being extremely arrogant and disrespecting everything about Triple H. But after a while, Triple H begins to gain a little bit of strength. He starts punching, clothes-lining, and high kneeing all three members. But then, Kevin Nash decides to grab a chair from under the ring. Since it is a no disqualification match, it doesn't matter what item you use. Nash hits Triple H over the head, making a deadly noise. He is down on the ground motionless. Razor and Hulk then begin to talk about pinning Triple H possibly. Razor tells Hulk to go for it. Hulk pins... 1....2...... kick out! Triple H kicked out to the disbelief of everyone! Triple H has another fan inspired moment! The crowd goes nuts and HHH ultimately hits Kevin Nash with a Pedigree! Hulk Hogan also gets a Pedigree! Triple H then puts Razor Ramon in position, but he counters by flipping HHH over his head. After another excruciating chair shot to Helmsley. Razor Ramon grabs brass knuckles from under a ring buckle and wails on HHH. Triple H is a bloody mess... But with Hogan and Nash still down from the pedigrees... Razor Ramon realizes what he has to do.. The pin is put on... 1....2....3...


Winner By Pinfall: Razor Ramon (New Universal Champion)


The show closes out with Ramon celebrating in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Kevin Nash gets up and congratulates Ramon. They get the spray paint out, and tag the championship belt. Then, Hogan gets up and seems to be happy... But it also looks like he is a bit jealous that Ramon won the title instead of Hogan. Even with that said, the show blacks out with Ramon holding the title high in the air and Nash/Hogan taunting the crowd *massive boos*

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biggio7 wrote:
Hope this is good enough. If you need anything else, let me know. Looking forward to reading all the shows.

Capstone Wrestling Soiree

Opening Song: Madball- All or Nothing

Taking place: In Philadelphia...before getting big time, all shows will be here unless otherwise posted.
Time: 2 hour show

[Opening] biggio7 standing in the ring..."Welcome everybody to Capstone Wrestling Soiree. I'm pleased with the crowd tonight and it will only get better. I am the director, CEO of this organization. I put this together with my general manager. It was him I wanted and nobody else. So, let me bring him out.

(Playing over the sound system. Here Comes the Money)

Enter, Shane McMahon wearing a nice power suit.

Thank you, thank you. I am so proud to be the General Manager of this organization. We are going to take this place to new levels! Since, we all know money talks, I'm not going to speak too much tonight but we need to layout some things for what is in store.

Let me introduce the rest of us. With our commentators sitting at ringside, Joey Styles and Santino Marella. Our lovely, beautiful talented backstage correspondents Stacy Keibler and Maria Kanellis. Our wonderful ring announcer, "The Quintessential" Joel Gertner.

The belts will include; The Capstone Championship, The World Tag Team Titles, The Hardcore Championship, and The Chosen One Title

Now someone might say, how are we going to decide that, well over the next few weeks, I personally will be overseeing the matches. Any two partners can form a tag team. The one belt that can change hands at any time will be the Hardcore Championship. Like in past years, anything goes, just need a ref to count to three.

[With Shane in the ring, "IF YOU SMELL, WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!"] Joey Styles, announcing from ring side, "And here comes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson down to the ring with his swag walk... taking the mic from Shane."

Rock: Looky here Shane O'Mac...these people don't give a roody poo what the other titles are all about. The Millions...."And Millions" of the Rock's fans want one thing for their champ and that's the Capstone Championship. So, here I am to throw my name out there, I want to be in that payperview match. Just shake my hand and let's be done.

before Shane can answer....

Joey Styles "Here comes The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle...down to the ring and coming in grabbing the mic but before he could speak...more music hits."

Santino Marella..."Oh boys.. we gots another one down to the ring. These are going to make things much more interested."

WORD LIFE IT'S BASIC THUGONOICS John Cena makes his way into the ring wearing a chain around his neck, a backwards jersey, jean shorts, and a visor upside down and backwords..."Wow wow wow...Let me show you how it's down Kurt. Rock, listen up. You don't get to come out here and say what you want to happen. The People don't have a Champ. Basically it's us 3 in the ring battling for a spot. I say let's do it right now. Whoever doesn't get pinned is in."

Joey Styles..."What is going on? OMG! The rest of the locker is room is coming out to defend themselves. Everybody wants the Capstone Belt."

"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy, "Da Man" Bill Goldberg, "The King of Bada Bing" Diamond Dallas Page
"The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death–Defying Man" Sabu, Raven, Psycho Sid, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, The Miz, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, The Eliminators: Perry Saturn and John Kronus, The Gangstas: New Jack and Mustafa Saed, Ryback, Ted DiBaise Jr., and Ahmed Johnson"

Santino...."Shane O... you got some splainin' to doos"

SM: "That's it! Nobody is demanding anything. You think you all want what it takes fine. The show will start off tonight with a Royal Rumble. I don't care if you go over the top or through the ropes, when both feet hit the ground your out. I'm posting a list for the rest of the matches tonight. You aren't going to push me around!"

[Shane is gone, bell rings with all men in the ring at once. Quickly battle ensues.]
Joey Styles taking the calls: "This is utter chaos. What an interesting way to start off this new establishment. Shane McMahon standing up for himself. These guys are going to beat each other senseless. Quickly though, the battle royal as lost both Eliminators and the Gangstas to high profile moves. Surprise surprise, New Jack was busted open landing on the outer wall face first.
Santino: "Those New Jax fellow should change his costume color to red so his enemies won't know how bad he is hurt."

JS: "Well that's a interesting point, Santino but we have to get back to action. What is going on in there... did Raven go out of the ring on his own?? He is just sitting at the top of the ramp staring at the ring. I don't trust him at all. With Psycho Sid, Shane Douglas, Dreamer, Sandman taking themselves out.. Oh boy, show down time between Ryback and Goldberg. Staring at each other.. and here comes Cena from behind tossing out Goldberg and Ryback! But there goes Cena!! Cena just took a double drop kick of turnbuckles by Sabu and Jeff Hardy who sacrificed both their own bodies and chances to win because neither were able to hold onto the ropes falling onto Goldberg, Ryback and Cena. Now a battle outside the ring between these 6 men! How is anybody keeping track of what's going on!... This is crazy. This is nuts! I don't know how many matches if any we will get in tonight with the way this show is going so far!

The Rock, Angle, DDP, Ahmed Johnson, The Miz and Ted DiBiase Jr. are the ones left in the ring right now. All pair off against each other with switches back and forth. Looks like the crowd is cheering for Rock, DDP and Ahmed Johnson. Miz seems to be getting a mixed reaction. Ahmed Johnson gave the Pearl River Plunge to DDP out of the ring before getting flipped over by The Miz. Ted DiBiase Jr. just got thrown out by the Rock."

Angle, Rock and Miz are the trio in the ring...

Lights go out!

Light back on... nobody is in or out of the ring... here comes Raven strolling back down with.. JS: "What is he holding? Looks like a belt but is it the Capstone?" SM: "Its faded. Looks like one of my old belts with the holes in."

Raven into the ring sitting in the corner with a belt over his shoulder and a mic..."So, they want us to physically decimate each other for that Capstone title. Well, I've always had a special place for something a little more hardcore in my blood." (As he raises the belt showing off the Hardcore Title).."This is the belt to win in this organization. If you want it, come and claim it. The top belt is here. Quote the Raven...Nevermore."

Raven poses like this when the show ends.

Biggest pop:
1. Shane
2. Rock
3. Hardy/Sabu

Biggest heat:
1. Cena
2. Ryback
3. Shane Douglas

1. Raven
2. Miz

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Rearviewmirror wrote:
Show opens, plays intro video

RR28 & RVM come out:

RR28: Welcome to Thursday Night RAGE!!! We’re going to be coming at you at 8:00 every other Thursday.
RVM: Tonight is our first show ever and we have an amazing one for you
RR28: Tonight we are going to have a 16 man tournament to determine our World Heavyweight Champion
RVM: Oh, one other thing, Tonight will be a special 3 hour edition to accommodate the tournament!!!

Round 1:
1. Rakishi vs Matt Hardy (via Twist of Fate) (7 minutes)
2. John Morrison vs Bubba Ray Dudley (via Bubba Bomb) (5 minutes)
3. Hurricane vs Mankind (via Mr. Socko) (3 minutes)
4. Christian vs CM Punk (via Go To Sleep) (10 minutes)
5. Sgt Slaughter vs Dolph Ziggler (via Sleeper) (4 minutes)
6. Chavo Guerrero vs Edge (via Spear) (6 minutes)
7. Eddie Guerrero vs. Lance Storm (via Frog Splash) (10 minutes)
8. Kane vs Devon Dudley (via Chokeslam) (5 minutes)

(50 minutes. 10 minutes of commercials)

Round 2:
Matt Hardy vs Bubba Ray Dudley: Matt accidentally takes out the referee with a clothesline. Devon runs to the ring. He and Devon hit 3D and the ref comes around right as Bubba covers Matt. Bubba and Devon start stomping on Hardy after the match. Morrison, angry at losing to Bubba earlier, comes running out and fights back. He and Matt eventually throw Bubba and Devon out of the ring. After yelling at the Dudleys to get in the back they shake hands to confirm their tag team alliance. (10 minutes)

Mankind vs CM Punk: Mankind and Punk go back and forth both eventually putting on their submissions. Punk hits Mick with an enziguiri, then nails and elbow drop. Mick kicks out, and Punk goes up for another and wins. (15 minutes)

Dolph Ziggler vs Edge: Ziggler has the upper hand for most of the match staying ahead using some dirty tactics. Edge turns it around hits Ziggler with the impaler DDT and follows it with a Spear. (13 mintues)

Eddie Guerrero vs Kane: Kane dominates the match. Kane gets several near falls. With Eddie in position for the Chokeslam, Chavo’s music hits and Kane tosses Eddie into the corner to yell at Chavo. Chavo gets a huge right from Kane while standing on the apron. Eddie takes advantage wins via rollup. (12 minutes)
50 minutes. 10 minutes for commercials

Round 3:
Bubba Ray Dudley vs CM Punk: The two go back and forth with Bubba having a slight advantage until Punk hits the high knee and follows it up with a bulldog. Punk goes for the GTS. Bubba attempts to counter, but Punk locks in the Anaconda Vise. Dudley taps out. (15 minutes)

Edge vs Eddie Guerrero: An incredible back and forth match. Eddie fakes being hurt. Rolling around in “pain”. Edge waits in the corner ready to throw a Spear. Eddie avoids it and Edge spears the ring post. Eddie hits the 3 amigos and somehow Edge kicks out. Edge turns the tide and eventually hits a spear. Right as the ref starts to count Chavo again comes out. “Edge starts yelling at Chavo to get the hell out of here” Eddie takes advantage to win via inside cradle. (15 minutes)

CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero for the World Heavyweight Championship: Another back and forth match, though Punk seems to have the advantage. With Eddie in position for the GTS Chavo again comes out. Chavo distracts the referee who is sick of Chavo interrupting matches. Eddie sneaks in a low blow when the refs back is turned then hits the Frog Splash to seal the deal. (20 minutes)

Eddie Guerrero is you new World Heavyweight Champion!
Show ends with Chavo holding Eddie’s arm up with Eddie’s title in his other raised arm as a furious CM Punk can only watch as This plays
(50 minutes. 10 for commercials)

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Its A Sabotage

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Voted Adrenaline Rush
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Its A Sabotage wrote:
Voted Adrenaline Rush

Voted whatever KIG's was called.
sayheykid wrote:
So true Russ. A just God would exercise his omnipotent influence over a football game.

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Its A Sabotage wrote:
Voted Adrenaline Rush

I also voted for Adrenaline Rush
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