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Jets cut LB Bryan Thomas
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:16 am    Post subject: Re: Jets cut LB Bryan Thomas Reply with quote

SwiftTexan wrote:
fretgod99 wrote:
SwiftTexan wrote:
Links (This is for you JD although you could have read the post where I said that I couldn't post a link as I was on my phone. Or you could have put in NFL.Com into your browser and found it for yourself pretty easily. With the number of people who use their mobile devices to access news, you should expect there to be time when a link is missing. Isn't it better to get news right away and wait a link than to not get news at all? Thanks for the friendly reminder!)
No. In this forum, we discuss news, not rumors. We require a link because we don't want numerous internet rumors being spread like wildfire on the site. If there is a link in support of the story present, we at least know there's a legitimate discussion to be had.

We understand that it can be more difficult to comply when you're posting from a mobile device. However, we'd prefer the news be supported when posting no matter from what type of device you are posting. So, either go through the hassle of posting the link using your mobile device, or wait until you are on a device which more easily allows you to post a link. If somebody beats you to the punch in the mean time, so be it. Accuracy over speed.
I know - which is why I said "on"

My point is that instead of posting "Link! Link! Link!" like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store - why not help a fellow poster out who has explained that due to the limitations of mobile devices - I'm doing the best I can to get information out to the public. Why not put up the link for me if you're at a computer capable of doing such things? Why not be a help rather than a nuisance? Moderators should be better than that. I expect more of moderators.

For me - the best thing about this site is the collaboration of many sources of information in one place. If I'm posting rumours and something I overheard at the bar - I can see your point. But if I'm posting actual news - I think the FFNation should be able to type in "Bryan Thomas" into Google if they dont' believe me or help me out by posting the link. You can be a foe or an ally. And now - rather than talking about the actual news - a moderator has gotten us de-railed into talking about this nonsense.

I was irritated that JD, instead of contributing to the topic, just complained and whined about a link. In the future - I think JD has three options.

1) Help me out - put up the link for me and for others. I explained why I couldn't and I was home in 10 minutes to put the link up.

2) Send a friendly reminder but ALSO contribute to the post. Just sending a "Where's the link?!?!?!?" like your whole world is collapsing was irritating. To me anyway. But I'm an irritable guy. What are you contributing to the topic? Do you have any thoughts on the post?

3) Don't say anything at all. Trust that I will get the link up as soon as possible.
You know the rules. Everybody else has to follow them. If you have a question or a problem with a rule, you need to address a moderator or the Webmaster. We have these rules for a reason, which I explained. Another rule is that you do not comment on moderating in thread. If you have a problem with how a moderator is handling an issue, you need to pm either that moderator, another forum moderator, or a global moderator. Do not discuss the issue in thread. So this discussion should stop here.

As I said, I understand your frustration. But next time you start a thread in NFL News, include a link to your source. If you knew you were going to be home in ten minutes and posting a link to your source is such a difficulty from your phone, you should wait ten minutes until you're home.

MrDrew wrote:
Can somebody give me a good reason there's not a giant statue to fret somewhere?
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thomas was resigned today.
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