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GDT Wk 5: Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots (4.25pm EST)
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

lomaxgr wrote:
3rd quarter all 22 notes :-

* On the Patriots first drive of the half we forced 3rd and 7 and we went with a 3-3-5 look. Normally Mike Adams comes down into the box to play as a LB in this package, but Leonhard did on this occasion and played man coverage vs Danny Woodhead. We bracketed Welker with a hi-low concept (Moore over the top, Harris underneath) and let Branch comes across the middle of the field with Woodyard and Mays playing the hook zones. It worked well, and we got a coverage sack from it.

* Twice we got caught on the Pats second drive of trying to get Dumervil to the weakside of the formation against no huddle. The result was Dumervil caught twice in no mans land half way across our formation, meaning we had no RE ... Just lineup and play Football in that situation.

* We tried the same personnel in a 3-3-5 on 3rd down on the Patriots 2nd possession, but with a different look and different outcome (Pats 1st down). Our 3 Lineman were Miller at LE, Ayers over the Center and Dumervil at RE (the only one with his hand in the ground). This time we showed a look with Moore as a deep Safety with Adams in the box (over Gronkowski) and Leonhard outside of Dumervil showing blitz. This is against the Pats 3 WR 1 RB 1 TE package.

We ended up sending both Adams and Harris on the blitz from our left and Leonhard from the right. Dumervil dropped back into a shallow zone coverage. This left Mays in man coverage vs Gronk and Woodyard in man coverage on Welker. We generated quick pressure up the A gap (Miller) but Gronk got a free release and caught the easiest 5 yard out route with a few yards after the catch for the easiest 1st down you will ever see. Nice play design, but you can't let the TE have a free release like that.

* And of course, the Patriots keep us in our 3-3-5 by going no huddle and then run for 12 yards on 1st down. We managed to quickly sub for the next play with Unrein and Vickerson coming in, but our guys are just all over the show with the quick subs that the Pats run twice more for a total of 12 yards and a 1st down.

* The Pats have done their homework. They know how we like to have our DE crash inside to try and bring the Tackle with him, leaving a free run to the QB for a blitzing Chris Harris. This play with 8 mins left in the 3rd must be the 4th time I have seen Harris blitz for no positive result. Logan Mankins simply takes Dumervil, with Nate Solder picking up the blitzing Harris. Welker is left with a free release and Rahim Moore is 10 yards away from him. Another easy 1st down.

* Finally we are starting to see us utilise a Safety down in the intermediate areas of the field. Why play 2 deep Safeties against this Patriot team? Rahim Moore is starting to play a lot more bracket coverage on Welker, and it forces Brady to take a deep shot to Lloyd, who is being perfectly bracketed by Bailey.

* This (so far) is the easiest game Tracy Porter must have played as a Pro. Deion Branch is a good blocker, but he cannot seperate whatsoever any more.

* Nate Irving in for Von Miller at SLB on three of plays in our redzone. I like Nate at the POA in the preseason. He didn't get budged by Fells or Gronk at the LOS.

* Franklin did get beat for the strip sack fumble, but Manning held the ball too long. There wasn't anything open downfield so he either has to take off or just protect the ball.

* Again Mays gets caught trying to take steps forward when he is in man coverage of a RB. Just move lateral and engage the RB about 3 yards upfield - you don't have to bump in the backfield ... Easy DPI call.

* For the Steven Ridley TD off a toss play, I actually saw Brandon Lloyd go and block someone on a crack back block. And it was Keith Brooking too ... Nice play design, but poor contain by Derek Wolfe.

* What a throw that deep ball was to Thomas. Thomas was only just breaking open from the CB when Manning released it, and the FS wasn't in a terrible position to break on the ball. Manning couldn't have lead Thomas any better.

* Dan Koppen got humbled by Wilfork down at the 1 yard line. Koppen was 3 yards into our backfield before McGahee even got near the LOS.

* Tracy, Tracy, Tracy ... 3rd and 12 and he gives Brady such an easy reception across the middle for a 1st. You have to faith that Branch is going to beat you deep; get tight on him. I guess that is a result of the two TD's he gave up vs Houston. (this was at the start of the 4th)

That explains a lot. I noticed on the play by play we were getting ripped for big chunks of yardage on our defensive right. I didn't know if they were just attacking Elvis or.....

Hopefully we learn a lesson, coaches and players by that schooling in the "hurry up".
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