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2013 Offseason V.2
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:56 pm    Post subject: 2013 Offseason V.2 Reply with quote

2013 Offseason

2013 Free Agents

Joe Flacco resigns with Baltimore Ravens
-This is a no brainer, Joe Cool will be back in Baltimore

Matt Moore signs with New York Jets
-Moore had some success with Tony Sparano, I think he could potentially start if he signs early enough.

Jason Campbell signs with Pittsburgh Steelers
-The Steelers have been undone by their backup quarterback play this year. While Campbell hasn't exactly fulfilled his role as "capable backup" in Chicago, I think he would better suited in Pittsburgh. Physically, he is very similar to Big Ben and he would be protected behind a slightly better offensive line.

Alex Smith traded from Sand Francisco 49ers to Kansas City Chiefs
-Pioli made a bad call with Cassell. Smith is an accurate passer that can manage an offense like Cassell, but make less mistakes. I'm thinking a 3rd round selection would be in play here.

Reggie Bush resigns with Miami Dolphins (franchise tag)
-I think the Dolphins retain Bush as he has been the best skill player on the team on offense all year.

Rashard Mendenhall resigns with Pittsburgh Steelers
-On the surface, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense but Pittsburgh has a very good relationship with Mendenhall. I think he signs a 1 year tender and goes into next year as the unquestioned starter.

Stephen Jackson resigns with St. Louis Rams
-I write this projected resigning with among the most trepidation among this free agent class. Jackson has come on strong this season and it seems like he's either campaigning for his return to the Rams, or for another team. Either way, I believe that Jackson has a strong relationship with St. Louis and will favor the home teams's bid.

Peyton Hillis signs with Dallas Cowboys
-The Cowboys do not have a capable runningback to play behind Demarco Murray (especially if Felix does not return) and Hillis adds the element of a short yardage back who can be a serviceable receiver as well.

Felix Jones signs with Kansas City Chiefs
-Felix Jones will have worn out his welcome be the time free agency comes net year. The Chiefs have always had a runningback capable of being effective in select carries behind Jamaal Charles; Jones can fill that role.

Shonn Greene resigns with New York Jets
-Greene has actually had a surprisingly average season. He has been able to find the endzone when asked and taken advantage of teams with weak run defenses. He won't be asking much and the Jets should be able to get good value out of him in 2013.

Greg Jennings resigns with Green Bay Packers (franchise tag)
-Ted Thompson isn't a fan of the franchise tag, but if he used it last year with Finley, I don't doubt that he'll use it on Jennings. I also believe that Jennings will want to come back to Green Bay for at least one more year.

Victor Cruz resigns with New York Giants
-I donít believe this will surprise anyone. Cruz has ignited the Giants offense since the beginning of last year and I donít expect the Giants to even entertain the idea of letting him walk.

Mike Wallace signs with Indianapolis Colts
-With Collie and Avery being free agents in 2013, Bruce Arians calling plays, and a boat load of cash to spend, I think this is the most logical landing spot for Wallace. There is also the history of the Steelers not paying more than their willing for their productive #1 receivers.

Dwayne Bowe signs with Miami Dolphins
-If Scott Pioli is still calling the shots in Kansas City, then I doubt Bowe is still in a Chief uniform come 2013. Heíll likely go to a place where he can be productive, search of a viable #1, and in the southeast. Miami fits all of those criteria and Bowe fits into the offense well.

Wes Welker signs with Kansas City Chiefs
-Itís hard to project how the Welker/Patriots relationship is going this year, but it certainly isnít as rosy as itís been in the past. I have to believe that Brady will campaign for Welker to return to the Patriots, but we all know that decision is up to Bill Belichick. If he doesnít return, The Chiefs make sense for a lot of obvious reasons. I think Pioli will dip his hand in the Patriot pool of coaching talent (likely on offense) to lead the way in Kansas City. Welker would be able to reprise his role as slot machine.

Danny Amendola resigns with St. Louis Rams
-While injuries have hurt his production over the past couple of years, if the Rams plan on sticking with Bradford, theyíll want to keep his favorite target. There is no indication that either wonít happen.

Tight Ends
Fred Davis resigns with Washington Redskins
-Robert Griffin III was able to utilize Fred Davis effectively within the 20s when he was healthy. He shouldnít ask too much and heíll help perpetuate this productive offense.

Jared Cook signs with Miami Dolphins
-I think Cook has had it in Tennessee. Miami is an offense that will utilize the tight end position and Cook is amongst the more talented receiving tight ends in the league.

Dustin Keller resigns with New York Jets
-Keller has had a hard time staying healthy this year but when he has played, heís been a significant upgrade over his replacements. As long as Rex Ryan returns (which I think he will) I believe that Keller will as well.

Tony Gonzalez retires
-Gonzalez has stated that this is his last year. It might be hard to believe if the Falcons fall short yet again, but Iíll have to take him at his word.

Heath Miller resigns with Pittsburgh Steelers
-Miller is having among the more productive seasons at tight end this year. He is Big Benís favorite target in the red zone and has cashed in more often than not.

Offensive Lineman
Jake Long resigns with Miami Dolphins
-I think it would be smart of the Dolphins to retain long to further along the development of Ryan Tannehill. He has been an anchor for a line that has come a long way this year in both pass and run blocking.

Ryan Clady resigns with Denver Broncos
-Clady is in a similar situation as Long except his quarterback is a 15 year veteran and a likely first ballot Hall of Famer. Okay, not so similar.

Branden Albert resigns with Kansas City Chiefs
-The Chiefs need to retain players that will be core to their success heading forward. Albert has been one of a few positive on an abysmal offense.

Sebastian Vollmer resigns with New England Patriots
-The Patriots will save some money by not resigning Welker. Vollmer is arguably the best player on the Patriot offensive line protecting the best player, period, on the Patriots.

Brandon Moore signs with Chicago Bears
-Moore has been a part of a much-maligned Jets offensive line. He wonít be able to demand much in free agency so there is value in his employment. The Bears could use all the help and depth they could get, and Moore offers some veteran talent on the worst front in the NFL.
Andy Levitre resigns with Buffalo Bills
-The Bills are going to want to continue to control the interior of the line of scrimmage and resigning Levitre will be key to that.

Andre Smith resigns with Cincinnati Bengals
-The Bengals will have plenty of money to spend this offseason and much of it, I suspect, will be used on their own players. Smith has been among the better right tackles in the league and heís due for a nice payday from the home team.

Sam Baker signs with Arizona Cardinals
-I think even Atlanta fans will have a hard time seeing Baker return. Heíll more than likely want to have a role where heíd be the unquestioned veteran starter. Thereíd be no place where he could achieve that than in Arizona.

Defensive Lineman
Dwight Freeney signs with New Orleans Saints
-With the dwindling amount of teams that run a traditional 4-3, Freeneyís value may be higher than in the past. Heíll likely want to play for a contender and for a familiar face. Sean Peytonís productive stint in Indianapolis and New Orleanís need for a productive pass rusher will draw Freeneyís attention.

Henry Melton resigns with Chicago Bears
-When a team has a productive, young, interior lineman dangling out in free agency, they typically snag him up quick like. I suspect the Bears will do the same with Henry Melton.

Cliff Avril signs with Cleveland Browns
-If Avril makes it to double digit sacks (which he likely will this year), it will make it another difficult offseason for the Lions. I expect he will cash in to the highest bidder whole is still willing to spend on a pass rusher that sticks his hands in the ground. I think the Browns will jump at the opportunity to spend on a young, talented, pass rusher.

Terrence Knighton resigns with Jacksonville Jaguars
-In a similar case as mentioned above with Melton, the Jaguars wonít let a young interior defensive lineman get away. Especially when a team like the Texans sets the standard in the division.

Randy Starks signs with Dallas Cowboys
-The Cowboys will need to make an effort to improve their interior lineman on defense. Starks will be tough for the Dolphins to retain if theyíre able to land one of the top receiver free agents. I think Dallas will make a play for this talented interior run stopper.

Osi Umenyiora signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-The relationship between Umenyiora and the Giants has been tumultuous at best. I think they finally (and inevitably) part ways and Umenyiora lands in Tampa as a veteran presence on a resurgent team.

Michael Johnson resigns with Cincinnati Bengals
-Like the resigning of Smith, the Bengals will be on a mission to retain their own players. Michael Johnson is a rare talent that the Bengals would not want to let walk.

Glenn Dorsey signs with New Orleans Saints
-Itís hard to tell what Dorsey will want to do, but I suspect that the Chiefs will at least let him shop his value around. He fits the Saints scheme well and they have a glaring need for him. There is also that LSU/Saints tie that shouldnít be ignored.

Alan Branch signs with Carolina Panthers
-While Branch hasnít been as productive as in years past, he is still relatively young and has the rare size that defensive coordinators covet as his position. He will come at a relative bargain and will help bolster the Panther defensive front.

Jason Jones resigns with Seattle Seahawks
-While Jones hasnít produced like the Seahawks would have hoped, he has shown flashes when healthy. I believe the Seahawks will be able to bring Jones back for a long-term deal at the right price.

Isreal Idonije signs with Oakland Raiders
-With the Bears probably resigning Melton, it would seem that Idonije wouldnít be on the priority list for resigning. You know what they say, if you donít choose me, you lose me. I expect with the Raiders to park ways with at least one of their two starting defensive tackles and Idonije wouldnít have a hard time finding a place in the starting lineup.

Brian Urlacher resigns with Chicago Bears
-I think this is as sure as the Flacco and Cruz resignings. Urlacher is the heart and soul of the leagueís current #1 scoring defense.

Shaun Phillips resigns with San Diego (franchise tag)
-The Chargers know as good as anyone how consistent Phillips has been throughout his career. Teams would love to have a player who consistently pressures the passer. I think there will be some disagreement on what his value is, so the tag will be used.

Anthony Spencer signs with Miami Dolphins
-Spencer has been able to live up to his franchise tag. Heís been pretty productive in stopping the run and rushing the passer and is really among the better outside linebackers on the right side. The Miami Dolphins have been longing to pressure the quarterback opposite of Cameron Wake and Spencer fills that void.

Manny Lawson signs with Indianapolis Colts
-Among the notable Bengal free agents, I would suspect that Lawson would be the toughest to retain. He has been a good fit for the Bengal scheme but there will be teams willing to spend for his services. Unfortunately for the Bengals, the Colts will be in the market for a pass rushing linebacker and will have beeper pockets than the Bengals in 2013.

Connor Barwin resigns with Houston Texans (franchise tag)
-There is some ambiguity on how good Connor Barwin has been this season. He certainly isnít as productive on the stat sheet as he was before but I believe it may have to do with the defenseís overall lack of production since the injury to Brian Cushing. The Texans will want to bring him back to either a short-term deal or franchise tender.

Daryl Smith signs with Cleveland Browns
-Daryl Smith offers any team that selects him with a still productive veteran presence in their front seven. The Browns will have some shopping money next year and Smith would be a good place to start.

Rey Maualuga resigns with Cincinnati Bengals
-As stated before, the Bengals would love to bring back their best young players. Maualuga has been a very good player for the team and the Bengals shouldnít hesitate to re-up the young linebacker.

Defensive Backs

Brent Grimes signs with Philadelphia Eagles
-Brent Grimes will find himself in a similar situation that Terrell Thomas of the Giants did last year. I think the Falcons are more content with their corner depth than the Giants were and I think they let Grimes walk. The Eagles will need to add at least one new starter to their secondary and Grimes is a Philadelphia native.

Tracy Porter resigns with Denver Broncos
-Porter has played very well for the Broncos and I believe they will sign him to a longer deal. Porter has earned his stripes opposite venerable Champ Bailey.

Sean Smith resigns with Miami Dolphins
-With the departure of Vonte Davis last free agency, I think the Dolphins have been bent on signing Smith. He has played very well for the team this year and he will continue to be an anchor against the oppositionís best receiver.

Quentin Jammer signs with Houston Texans
-Although Jammer is a player in the twilight of his career, he is still capable of being a serviceable starter in the NFL. As the end of his career approaches, I donít doubt heíll want to join a contender, and what better spot than Houston which is within 50 miles of his hometown.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie signs with Indianapolis Colts
-As stated before, the Colts will have money to blow this upcoming offseason. Theyíll want to snag at least one new starter in the secondary. Rodgers-Cromartie has been a disappointment in Philadelphia but the Colts are looking for a defensive playmaker that can rectify the leagueís worst defense when it comes to takeaways. Hopefully, Rodgers-Cromartie will be able to display some of that playmaking ability he showed in Arizona

Derek Cox resigns with Jacksonville Jaguars
-I think this resigning comes more from other teams not valuing Cox as much as the Jaguars do. He is a respectable starting corner with the veteran savvy to still be a good player. The Jaguars canít afford to lose players on a team that will finish well below .500 yet again.

Aqib Talib resigns with New England Patriots
-The Patriots didnít acquire Talib to let him go at seasonís end. He adds a dynamic the defense hasnít seen since Asante Samuel.

Ed Reed resigns with Baltimore Ravens
-I think the consensus train of thought is that Reed will return. I think both sides will come to an agreement early in the offseason net year and Ravens fans can rest easy.

William Moore resigns with Atlanta Falcons
-The Atlanta secondary has shown a depth of talent across the board that hasnít been apparent in years past. I believe the Falcons will re-up with Moore and keep their 2012 season unit together.

Dashon Goldson resigns with San Francisco 49ers
-After signing the franchise tag last year, Goldson has more than proven his worth to the team. The 49ers will want to retain this youthful playmaker at all costs

LaRon Landry resigns with New York Jets
-Landry has been what the Jets expected this year. He has been a solid addition to a pretty good secondary. He should be even better next year with the return of Derrelle Revis and one more year of a clean bill of health under his belt.

Jairus Byrd resigns with Buffalo Bills (franchise tag)
-I believe the Bills will tag Byrd much like the 49ers tagged Goldson. Because of his production this year, theyíll want to resign him to a lower cost long term deal if he doesnít produce as well next year.

Louis Delmas resigns with Detroit Lions
-Delmas has been a consistent bright spot for the Lions secondary. I doubt that the Lions even let Delmas shop around his value. They should lock him up as soon as possible.

2013 NFL Draft

1st round

1) Kansas City Chiefs select Star Lutolelei, DL, Utah
-I believe if the Chiefs are able to acquire a capable starting in free agency, they will take the best player available come draft time. At this point, Star Lutolelei projects as just that.

2) Jacksonville Jaguars select Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
-There is a strong possibility that the Jaguars will cut ties with Gene Smith and thus, cut any obligations with Blaine Gabbert. Both Mularky and the new G.M. will want to hitch their wagons to a fresh young face behind center.

3) Oakland Raiders select Jarvis Jones, LB, Georgia
-Dennis Allen coached Von Miller in Denver, heíd jump at the opportunity to draft his carbon copy in Jarvis Jones.

4) Cleveland Browns select Manti Teío, LB, Notre Dame
-Teío has the talent to go #1 overall and the Browns have a need at the position. Teío and Cleveland are on a crash course come April.

5) Philadelphia Eagles select Luke Joeckel, OL, Texas A&M
-The Eagles havenít been able to protect their quarterback the past two years. Even if Jason Peters comes back full strength, Joeckel will be needed to improve the trenches.

6) Carolina Panthers select Johnathan Hankins, DL, Ohio State
-Even if the Panthers are able to acquire an interior defensive lineman in free agency (there will be many), theyíll still want to address problems up front.

7) Buffalo Bills select Damontre Moore, DL, Texas A&M
-While Mario Williams has come on of late, the Bills will want to create pressure on all sides. Moore has the potential to exponentially improve the pass rush in Buffalo.

Cool San Diego Chargers select DeMarcus Milliner, DB, Alabama
-I donít think itís likely that Jammer will return. The Chargers will need a new starter and improve their depth of the secondary.

9) New York Jets select New York Jets select Barkevious Mingo, DL/LB, Louisiana State
-The Jets havenít had a young and dynamic pass rusher since Ryan has been head coach. I think Rex will get a second chance in New York and finally get the opportunity to pick a talented edge rusher in the first round.

10) Tennessee Titans select Dion Jordan, DL, Oregon
-Unfortunately, there isnít a lot of top end talent in the secondary this year for Tennessee. The team does need more pass rushers, though, and Dion Jordan has the specs and the production to be that for the Titans.

11) Arizona Cardinals select Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas
-The Cardinals need a new signal caller, plain and simple. I believe Tyler Wilson will impress coaches in interviews and (more importantly) show scouts just how well he can spin the ball.

12) Detroit Lions select Bjoern Werner, DL, Florida State
-I donít have Avril returning to the Lions and even then they would need to upgrade the defensive end position. Werner is a versatile pass rusher that would be just what the doctor ordered for Detroit.

13) St. Louis Rams select Taylor Lewan, OL, Michigan
-The Rams could go receiver here, but I believe that Fisher is content with his current corps (health has been an issue). The teams does, in fact, have a more pressing issue on the offensive line.

14) Miami Dolphins select Keenan Allen, WR, California
-Miami will likely acquire one of the top available receivers in free agency. They will also want to add more young playmakers to the group by drafter the best of the bunch in Keenan Allen.

15) St. Louis Rams select Chance Warmack, OL, Alabama
-Like stated earlier, the Rams need to protect Bradford more to get anything out of the first pick they spent on him. Warmack will help solidify the middle and protect Bradford from perhaps that leagues most quarterback unfriendly divison.

16) New Orleans Saints select Sam Montgomery, DL/LB, Louisiana State
-Montgomery would be a Godsend for New Orleans if he reaches them. The Saints will need his pass rushing prowess in a division filled with potent passers.

17) Dallas Cowboys select Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama
-Itís no secret that the main reason the Cowboys havenít reached their potential is the lack of protection the run game and for Tony Romo. Jones can play a multitude of positions on the line and should improve things immediately.

1Cool Cincinnati Bengals select Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia
-Alec Ogletree should prosper in a situation with another established linebacker beside him. It would seem that the Bengals would resign Maualuga and have potentially one of the two best young interior backers in the league.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jonathan Banks, DB, Mississippi State
-With the departure of Talib, the Buccaneer will need to acquire the best available cornerback. Luckily for them, they will get good value with Banks (or Rhodes) late in the first round.

20) Minnesota Vikings select Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee
-The Vikings have missed Sidney Rice on offense and itís showed. The team is one perimeter playmaker away from really taking off as an offense. Hunter should be able to fill the void left by the departed Rice.

21) Pittsburgh Steelers select Jonathan Jenkins, DL, Georgia
-Casey Hampton canít play forever, can he? The Steelers will need to focus this draft in infusing youthful depth into the lineup.

22) Seattle Seahawks select Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
-Pete Carroll covets players whom he can draft and can make an immediate impact. Austin can immediately find himself a place in the offense already established with productive players.

23) Indianapolis Colts select Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson
-While Vick Ballard has been a serviceable back for the Colts, he doesnít add the playmaking ability that Ellington could immediately provide at the next level. With the success the Colts have had this year starting rookies, the prospect of Ellington would be hard to ignore for Pagano, Arians, and staff.

24) New York Giants select Ezekiel Ansah, DL, BYU
-While Ansah is a player not many project in the first round, he is tailor made for the Giants front four. He is capable of playing running downs on the edge and slide inside on the Giantsís imfamous ďNASCARĒ package.

25) Green Bay Packers select Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma State
-Watching the Packers force the running game is a hard thing to watch. Part of ithas to do with the offensive line and part of it has to do with the lack of explosion in the backfield. Randle is a player that the Packers havenít had in quite a while, with the ability to be effective in the passing game.

26) Denver Broncos select Sheldon Richardson, DL, Missouri
-The Broncos have been a pleasant surprise on defense this year but there is still work to be done. Richardson is a player who has the talent to go in the top 15 and the Broncos would love the depth he would add to the interior defensive line.

27) Chicago Bears select Jake Matthews, OL, Texas A&M
-There is a debate to be had on who is the best tackle on the A&M football team. Either way, the Bears would love to have the versatile Matthews to bolster the leagues worst offensive line.

2Cool New England Patriots select Alex Okafor, DL/LB, Texas
-With the early success that Chandler Jones has had for the Patriots, they will want to replicate his presence on the opposite side. Okafor is a talented player with the experience to play the pass and run.

29) San Francisco 49ers select Chase Thomas, LB/DL, Stanford
-A reunion by the Bay. The only people who know Chase Thomasís talent better than Jim Harbaugh are Pac12 quarterbacks.

30) Baltimore Ravens select Xavier Rhodes, DB, Florida state
-Since the loss of Webb for the season, the Ravens have struggled to defend the pass. Rhodes is a talented defensive back that will help add depth to a maligned secondary.

31) Houston Texans select Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor
-Andre Johnson has returned to his old self, but how long will that last. Johnson finds himself into his 30s with no worthy heir currently on the roster. Williams is among the talented Baylor receivers capable of carrying the mantle.

32) Atlanta Falcons select Tyler Eifert, TE, Norte Dame
-Tony G will likely retire at the end of the year and Falcons havenít brought along another receiving tight end during his term. Eifert would be able to fill the void right away and be a productive player up the seams for Matt Ryan.

2nd round

33) Kansas City Chiefs select Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

34) Jacksonville Jaguars select C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama

35) Philadelphia Eagles select Kenny Vaccaro, DB, Texas

36) Carolina Panthers select DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

37) Cincinnati Bengals (f/OAK) select Giovanni Bernard, RB, North Carolina

3Cool San Diego Chargers select Jonathan Cooper, OL, North Carolina

39) New York Jets select Dallas Thomas, OL, Tennessee

40) Tennessee Titans select Jordan Poyer, DB, Oregon State

41) Arizona Cardinals select Lane Johnson, OL, Oklahoma

42) Detroit Lions select Eric Fisher, OL, Central Michigan

43) Buffalo Bills select E.J. Manuel, QB, Florida State

44) St. Louis Rams select Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA

45) Washington Redskins select Eric Reid, DB, Louisiana State

46) Dallas Cowboys select Corey Lemonier, DL/LB, Auburn

47) Miami Dolphins select Kawann Short, DL, Purdue

4Cool Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Matt Elam, DB, Florida

49) Minnesota Vikings select Desmond Trufant, DB, Washington

50) Cincinnati Bengels select Sean Porter, DL/LB, Texas A&M

51) Seattle Seahawks select Brandon Jenkins, DL, Florida State

52) Pittsburgh Steelers select T.J. McDonald, DB, Southern California

53) New York Giants select Sylvester Williams, DL, North Carolina

54) Miami Dolphins (f/IND) select David Amerson, DB, North Carolina State

55) Green Bay Packers select D.J. Fluker, OL, Alabama

56) Chicago Bears select Bacarri Rambo, DB, Georgia

57) New England Patriots select Robert Woods, WR, Southern California

5Cool Denver Broncos select Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma

59) San Francisco 49ers select Bradley Roby, DB, Ohio State

60) Baltimore Ravens select DaíRick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech

61) Houston Texans select Kevin Minter, LB, Louisiana State

62) Atlanta Falcons select Alvin Bailey, OL, Arkansas[/b]
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very good Steeler picks. One of my more favorite mocks that I've seen for them.

Wallace to Indy makes sense for them.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good draft for the Lions, awful FA. It's 50/50 we bring back Delmas due to his constant injuries. Avril has been Mr. Inconsistent this year. He has 7.5 sacks, 1 was cheap at the end of the first half and had no effect on the game, most of the other sacks are from the pressure of the DT's. Point is, he most likely won't get a big contract offer considering he plays in the same defense as Babin who couldn't stay on his team while putting up better stats. He won't leave and if we can't resign him we'll probably just tag him again, we have more room to work with this year. And with us having more money I'd expect some kind if signing. Maybe Felix Jones, maybe a CB, Safety, OL.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:13 am    Post subject: Re: 2013 Offseason V.2 Reply with quote

It looked so good, and then...
Rich7sena wrote:

23) Indianapolis Colts select Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson
-While Vick Ballard has been a serviceable back for the Colts, he doesnít add the playmaking ability that Ellington could immediately provide at the next level. With the success the Colts have had this year starting rookies, the prospect of Ellington would be hard to ignore for Pagano, Arians, and staff.

A RB? The problem with our running game is our OL, not the backs.
There is no RB worth a first rounder let alone the 23rd pick.

Seriously, man, great FA, but Ellington, really? Please no, please, please, please, no.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, you had me kissing your feet until you drafted a RB in the first.

I like the additions of Lawson and Rodgers-Cromartie. Especially losing Freeney and Powers (though not mentioned in this offseason) Our other FAs are DE Fili Moala and P McAfee (who I think should be first priority to resign) I think if DE isn't picked round 1 then OL (OG/C) should be stronly considered)
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

stallyns wrote:
Wow, you had me kissing your feet until you drafted a RB in the first.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Avril + Smith + Teo = Too good to be true, but a man can dream i guess.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like the draft for the Steelers, but why are we "resigning" Miller? He's not even a free agent after this season Think
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:08 am    Post subject: Re: 2013 Offseason V.2 Reply with quote

Freeny, Dorsey & Montgomery... SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW SCOOP!!!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We don't need Damontre Moore, we have Kyle Moore entrenching himself opposite Mario Williams.. Top 4 needs are QB, LB, WR and CB and the Bills are a organization that can't lure FA and this is based of your mock "off season"

I could see this if You were to Mock us say Darryl Smith or another starter.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jordan is overrated and I just can't see the Titans going DE in the 1st considering the starters have played good this season. They need a DT to complete the D-Line starters. Sheldon Richardson should be the pick. In the 2nd, Jordan Poyer is a solid pick but I'd rather go with a safety considering they suck. Matt Elam should be the pick.

Avery Williamson
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

BillsGuy82 wrote:
We don't need Damontre Moore, we have Kyle Moore entrenching himself opposite Mario Williams.. Top 4 needs are QB, LB, WR and CB and the Bills are a organization that can't lure FA and this is based of your mock "off season"

I could see this if You were to Mock us say Darryl Smith or another starter.
While I agree we dont need him. D. Moore is too good to pass up in this situation. The 07 Giants showed you can never have too many pass rushers
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:07 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Glad to see the Bengals resign a few guys. I like Ogletree but don't see where he fits in with the resigning of Rey. Both are ILB. Mosley would be better IMO. In the 2nd give us Jefferson over Porter. We really need safety help

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like the Idonije pick up alot. We sure could use him. In he draft I much rather have Moore over Jones.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ochocinco4pres wrote:
Glad to see the Bengals resign a few guys. I like Ogletree but don't see where he fits in with the resigning of Rey. Both are ILB. Mosley would be better IMO. In the 2nd give us Jefferson over Porter. We really need safety help

Or McDonald or Roby.

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