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2014 Team Needs
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would like to vouch on the exact list and tiers of Devils list for the Falcons it was exactly what i came in here to post almost 100% identical but since i seen it in here i have no reason to right one up so i will just piggy back off his and agree with it.

Please use his setups and tiers and draft based on those and for god sakes quit giving us a OT in round 1 or 2. It is a OG we need early not a OT.

Not saying we can't use a OT in the draft just not early look for a talented one with upside in the 4th to 6th rounds and get us a Vet one in here in FA to help our rookie RG we draft early and our young C in hawley or Konz.
2010 and 2013
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jaguars needs:

1. QB, but that doesnt mean we reach for one at 3 simply because it is our greatest need. This team isnt a QB away from being a contender

2. DE/passrush/LEO. Whether it is Clowney or Mack or Barr or Ford later, this team needs help getting after the QB

3. Interior OL. We drafted Joeckel last year and arent too bad off at RT now either but the interior is terrible, could use a guard and a center

4. RB, MJD is as good as gone and even though i like Todman he isnt going to be "the guy"

5. CB, we started rookies quite a bit back there simply because we didnt have anyone else. Gratz played pretty well but it is a passing league and you can never have too many
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Joined: 28 Jan 2014
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

catcheryea wrote:

S (Whichever one TJ McDonald doesn't play this year)
DT (An improvement over Kendall Langford would make our line scary good)
RT (Saffold is probably gone after this year)
RB (Maybe)

Um WR?
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Joe Nobody

Joined: 12 Feb 2013
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


1. QB: McGloin has shown enough to keep his roster spot. Pryor pretty much talked himself out of a job, though. Seems a good bet that we'll be adding both a veteran presence here as well as an early round rookie.

2. Edge rusher: Be it a pure 43 DE or a LEO type, this is as glaring a hole as QB. This need is even more pressing given the uncertain future of Lamarr Houston. He's a stated offseason priority of the team, but he doesn't talk like a guy who sees staying put as his priority. Time will tell.

3. DT: Oakland has no one currently under contract capable of starting at any of our 4 defensive line positions. Obviously, free agency will affect this, and potentially every other, position. But there's no denying the dire nature of the Raiders' D-line situation. If two of our first three picks are defensive linemen, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

4. CB: The revolving door in Oakland's secondary figures to continue with only DJ Hayden currently under contract and capable of starting. I expect that he'll be joined by two or three free agent additions, and it's even possible that one of those could be Tracy Porter or Mike Jenkins. I like to believe we'll be looking to upgrade, though. As this regime appears to place a premium on the position, a CB on the second day of the draft would not surprise me at all.

5. WR: Would be higher on the list if not for the fact we do have three warm bodies under contract here who are at least capable of starting...even if they probably shouldn't be. What we don't have is someone who can consistently get open, convert 1st downs and make big plays. I like to ask "It's 3rd & 8 with the game on the line. Who do you go to?" If you have to think before answering, you could probably stand to upgrade. We don't have that guy right now. Streater (the closest thing we have to a dependable receiver), Holmes and Moore all bring something useful to the table, but they would have the chance to truly shine given a legitimate go-to receiver to pull everything together.

6. TE: Rivera had a nice rookie year as a receiver, but his blocking is pretty bad. He's more in the H-back mold and will never be able to play as an inline TE. If we're going to be the power run oriented offense we expect to be, we'll obviously need a TE capable of assuming some heavy blocking responsibilities. A big, plodding blocking specialist is easy to find. What we need is an every down starter. Someone in that Jason Witten/Heath Miller mold to help get our ground game going and give our QB a reliable outlet, as well as someone who can threaten the seam that's so wide open in today's game. It would be great if Nick Kasa developed into that guy, but we can't exactly wait around hoping that will happen.

7. OG: I only put guard this low due to positional value. If you watched any Raiders games, you know that we were bleeding to death all year long at LG. The guys at PFF will wear Lucas Nix masks next Halloween. That's how horrifyingly bad he graded out there. At RG, we have the aging and injury prone Mike Brisiel. The only other guys we currently have to address this need are the undrafted Lamar Mady and the seemingly injury prone and disappointing Tony Bergstrom. This is a real problem.

8. FS: There's mutual interest between the Raiders and Charles Woodson for a reunion, so we can expect that to happen. Depth, and the ever elusive FS of the future, however, are nonexistent. Considering the popularity of 3 safety nickel packages, this is something that needs addressing.

I can see any of these positions being taken in the first 3 rounds. They each stick out like sore thumbs and need to be addressed in some form or fashion.

After that, we get more into depth concerns.

9. OT: I fully expect Jared Veldheer to re-sign and hold down the left side for us. I'm presuming Menelik Watson, with a year under his belt, will be more physically and mentally ready and should be given every opportunity to start at RT. That being said, a backup plan would be nice. We lost both of these guys to injury for an extended period of time and it was rough. We may well bring back Tony Pashos (Another injury prone lineman. Theme?) and Matt McCants as depth, but someone a little stouter would be very useful.

10. RB: Like Houston and Veldheer, Rashad Jennings is one of McKenzie's stated free agent priorities. Given his success here and the typically lukewarm market for free agent RBs, I don't foresee any problem bringing him back as the presumptive starter. Our next best RB is our starting FB, so you can see the problem here. I would anticipate taking someone on day 3 who can compliment Jennings' power game. Not necessarily a Sproles type, but someone more adept at running outside as well as inside and hitting the homerun.

11. OLB: Kevin Burnett is in the final year of his deal, and while he was often our best defender, he's not a longterm answer. I don't know if Kaluka Maiava is either, but I'm pretty sure Miles Burris is not. An heir apparent here, perhaps someone of the edge rushing LEO ilk mention earlier, would be in order. Someone who could come in the way Aldon Smith did: Purely a passing down specialist as a rookie before taking over the starting job in year two. We blitz our LBs obscenely often, so that ability is a must for whoever we bring in.

12. C: There's currently no contingency plan in place should Wisniewski get hurt again. Someone who can do double duty as G/C depth would be outstanding.

13. Return Specialist: With any luck at all, this will be taken care of when we address our CB, WR & RB woes. But, if not, this is a position that's begging to be addressed.
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Joined: 02 Jan 2014
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 10:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Giants need:
WR: We need a veteran WR to play WR and allow cruz to go into the slot
TE: Brandon Myers was not the answer we need a good TE like shockey was
OL: Justin Pugh is the only thing going for that line, beatty had a terrible year and most of the oline is old/injuried
OLB: They need to get a young OLB like mosley or mack in the draft
HB: David wilson, we dont know what he is gonna do, Brown is very injury prone, Cox/Hillis arent starter worthy

Maybe CB: Amuk can be our #1 but our CB2 is in question, mccbride played a good year but there are questions to whether he can repeat that especially against bigger WRs

You could say DE but with JPP next year possibly being 100% and if we resign tuck which i hope we do bc he played very well with the abscence of JPP, and if we dont we have Damante Moore who is he builds on some muscle can be a solid DE and a nice replacement for tuck
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

CHARGERS updated for post FA

LBC had a nice breakdown which you can read below. I'll add my own thoughts.

NEEDS: (Chargers draft for need, but go BPA since they have so many. If there's an amazing talent dropping that they really like, they'll select him as they did Keenan Allen)

NT - Last year's starter, Cam Thomas, was not retained and is now a Steeler. The Chargers will need a NT that can free up former high picks, Liuget and Reyes, to make plays. NT must be able to command a double team and be stout against the run. Pushes the pocket when single blocked. All the Chargers have is Sean Lissemore who is more of a DE than NT. They need to draft a starting caliber NT or at least a dependable rotation guy for depth.

OL - The OL coach, Joe D'Alessandris, puts a premium on players that can play multiple spots on the line. If you followed the Chargers last year, most games had multiple backups rotating in or starting due to injury. Credit to Joe D, Rivers still had a banner year. His practice system absolutely requires that each player be able to learn and play multiple spots. I could see the Chargers drafting an OL high who could play both G and T or C and G. I have a hard time seeing Dunlap play all 16 games with his concussion history, and he really should retire. Ideally, the Chargers find a player that can fill in at guard and develop into someone that can be steady opposite Fluker, in the mold of Andrew Whitworth. Starting guard Rinehart just got resigned for 2 years, Hardwick has one more year before he retires. Fluker is currently the only real guarantee long term, so this is a big need.

CB - The chargers need a player that will someday become a starting caliber CB. Shareece Wright has shown flashes, but he's still developing and may never get there. Cox's days are numbered. Steve Williams should develop into a nickel contender. What the Chargers don't need is another nickel development guy. The Chargers need someone with length who can cover Demaryius Thomas and Dwayne Bowe on an island, that's why Cox was signed in the first place. Bonus if the CB can return kicks as he'll definitely need to be a special teamer early in his career. Richard Marshall was resigned and Telesco is taking a chance that Brandon Ghee can stay healthy. I'd be surprised if they didn't take a CB in the first half of the draft.

OLB - Chargers already have a lot of money and high draft picks tied up in OLB. Ingram has one spot locked up while Freeney might not get cut and have the other. Jarret Johnson is also a solid rotation guy when healthy. The Chargers will likely go for a developmental pass rush specialist who knows how to beat single blocking and sack the QB. All of the current Charger OLBs are injury prone, so they're definitely going to address pass rushing depth in the draft.

WR - I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chargers pick up a WR in the first two days if there's a Keenan Allen level talent on the board. This is an extremely deep WR draft so that could very well be the case. I believe the Chargers are eventually going to look to replace Eddie Royal since he has trouble staying healthy. A player that is a dangerous returner and has deep threat speed. The Chargers have publicly said they need to add speed multiple times. Brandin Cooks would make a great Charger.



Reyes seemed to wear down his first year as a starter. Might help to have another rotation guy to keep him fresh and push him. Hopefully, a legit NT will put Reyes back on track to being dependable.

No longer a draft need:

S - Weddle, Gilchrist and Addae are locks. Stuckey was just resigned. The top 4 are set. Brandon Taylor, former 3rd round pick, might make the squad, too.

ILB: Used to be a concern before Butler was resigned and Kavell Conner added for depth. Not a need.

RB- Mathews and Woodhead are set for 2014. Donald Brown was signed to fill in Ronnie Brown's role and protect the team in case Mathews or Woodhead demand a huge contract that the team can't afford next year. I'd be surprised to see them invest in a RB in the draft.

The LBC wrote:
The LBC wrote:
Well, as of right now here's how I see it for the Chargers:

OLB - The biggest Achilles heel of this season's Chargers defense has been a lack of pass-rush, particularly from the edge, which has trailed out to all those other things which lack of pass-rush tends to expose/prevent like inability to generate turnovers. Dwight Freeney will be 33 and coming off of season ending surgery. Jarret Johnson is more run-defender than pass-rusher and may become a cap-casualty. Melvin Ingram has shown plenty of potential, but to this point that's all he is - and he's coming off an injury. Moreover, Ingram is a significantly better fit as a SOLB because of his ability to play the run and drop into coverage, so the team still has a great need on the weak side where we simply lack any kind of quality athleticism. One of the two most pressing needs on the team.

NT - Cam Thomas is in a contract year and a make-or-break season which has been far, far more break than make. The only guys behind him on the depth chart are rookie UDFA's Kwame Geathers and Byron Jerideau. The defense has regressed notably and Cam not only fails to get push but gets pushed back consistently, and his lack of playing such that he demands double-teams (as his predecessors Aubrayo Franklin, Antonio Garay, and Jamal Williams all did) has directly led to a regression in the production of his starting line-mates Corey Liuget and Kendall Reyes, both of who looked in 2012 poised to become a truly special duo. This is the only need greater than edge-rusher on the team, if only because of scarcity of the position.

Interior OL - I realize that many people look at the Chargers roster, see the name King Dunlap and think that there's no way the LOT can't be a need. And yes, if the concussion issues persist with him, that may well be the case. However, Coach Joe D'Alessandris' blocking scheme is less about having "studs" at the positions and far more about chemistry, teamwork, and having the athleticism and size to carry out the job. Look at D'Alessandris' past lines in Buffalo and Kansas City, very rarely did he require a premium pick be spent on the players to produce high-quality lines (most of the lines were constructed out of 2nd round and later prospects). The fact that DJ Fluker (someone who many felt as a prospect would have to kick inside to guard) has been able to be serviceable as the teams LOT in past weeks, illustrates this point. However, on the interior of the line Chad Rinehart is a UFA, Jeromey Clary is overpaid (will be 4th-highest salary on the team next season) for his below-average ability, and Nick Hardwick is in the twilight of his career. Johnnie Troutman has shown he can very likely fill one of those guard spots, but if Rinehart isn't re-signed, guard is a pressing need (lest the team be forced to keep Clary), and ideally, the team would likely like to have whatever successor to Hardwick is brought in deputize at guard for a season or two, as Coach D did with Eric Wood.

RB - Everything about how this front office handled the running back situation this offseason signals that they're going to give Mathews one final (first under this administration) chance to prove he can stay healthy and be a consistent contributor, but otherwise he's likely headed for the unemployment line. Doubt this will be viewed as a 1st round need, particularly given Whisenhunt and McCoy's recent tendencies towards RBBC. I doubt this is even a 2nd or 3rd round look, unless someone with 1st round grade falls to round 3 (a la Keenan Allen this year). But at the very least, someone will be brought in to take Ronnie Brown's duties and to push Mathews.

SS* - The asterisk is largely because this team doesn't need a traditional in-the-box safety, if the guy can't cover he's pretty worthless in our system. However, Brandon Taylor has been "healthy" and back in practice for quite some time now and has yet to push Marcus Gilchrist from the position. Gilchrist is, ideally, a better fit at nickel back. And in our system, if we can create viable pass-rush, quality safeties are of greater import than top-notch corners.

CB - Currently a lot of question marks. This is largely because it's been truly difficult to get a gauge on any of our corners because of lack of pass-rush and many of them being played largely against their strengths by our current scheme/coordinator. We've largely taken corners who are better fit for press-man and played them off-man with 8-yard cushions and then provided them minimal pass-rush. Under those conditions most corners would fail. Either way, with the way in which Derek Cox's contract was structured, he's going to get at least another year before he becomes a cap casualty. 2013 draft pick Steve Williams will be returning from the IR as a relative unknown but a 4th round investment all the same. A corner being drafted on the first two days wouldn't shock me in the slightest, but if we don't address the pass-rush or continue to set our secondary up to fail with scheme, no matter how good a corner prospect is, he's going to do us little good.

OT - This position is in somewhat the same state as WR was with the 2013 draft, not a glaring "need" despite what some may want to paint it as (due to us not having "a stud"), but if incredible value were to fall to say the 2nd or 3rd round (i.e. a player a full round or two higher in terms of value), I could see the front office spending the pick on the position. We like big, athletic dancing bears though - and typically guys who can play multiple positions (i.e. tackles that can play guard, guards that can play center, centers that can play guard).

WR - Not a huge need, but I can certainly see the team looking into a project guy who might offer something in terms of height, return ability, and gadget-play use. Vincent Brown has regressed this year. Malcom Floyd is getting long in the tooth and simply doesn't stay healthy for full seasons. The thing is, Rivers has shown he can work with just about anyone capable of running the correct route and catching the damn ball. The coaching staff has already intimated that we'll see lots more of Ladarius Green moving forward, so until such a time as Gates retires, there will likely be more two TE sets deployed or Green will be split out in the slot.

5-Tech - Yes, even with Liuget and Reyes on the roster. Fact remains that with the two drafted so closely together that if both pan out well, we'll likely only be able to retain one realistically under current salary cap structure. We've benefited from both managing to stay healthy this season as well, but our depth isn't all that fantastic at the position - Sean Lissemore shows promise, as does Lawrence Guy, but certainly not anything to the level yet that you pass on fallen value on Day 3 if it's there.

ILB* - If Donald Butler leaves in free agency (which isn't likely, but possible) this jumps up above everything but OLB, NT, and CB/S, unless the team plans to kick Ingram inside (not likely). Either way, the team could stand to upgrade in the later rounds in terms of depth as all our ILB's have battle injuries this year and last.

Bumping with update.

Should be noted that the Chargers don't draft at straight need, rather at the "Best Value on the board at one of several positions of need".

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Center is no longer a need for SF. We just extended Kilgore for three years and he will takeover for Goodwin.

El ramster on the sig
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

J-ALL-DAY wrote:
Center is no longer a need for SF. We just extended Kilgore for three years and he will takeover for Goodwin.

Yeah, at this point, I'd probably update that just to "interior offensive line" in general. Mid to late round developmental prospect to provide competition at the reserve guard spots against Looney and Snyder and potentially as a back up center.

Stupid NFL coaches and their need to reach for quarterbacks....
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Buffalo Bills team needs: (in no real order)

WR (big bodied)
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Patriots Needs


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rstanger wrote:
catcheryea wrote:

S (Whichever one TJ McDonald doesn't play this year)
DT (An improvement over Kendall Langford would make our line scary good)
RT (Saffold is probably gone after this year)
RB (Maybe)

Um WR?

Look at date of when he posted that, it was prior to start of the season last year.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

49ers_52 wrote:
SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (Updated: 3/24/14)

List of Picks:
1 (30), 2 (56 KC), 2 (61), 3 (77 TEN), 3 (94), 3 (100 COMP), 4 (129), 5 (170), 7 (242 NO), 7 (245 CAR)

Major Needs:
CB - Looks like it will be Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cook & Morris to start with. I expect us to draft a CB in the 1st or 2nd round who will compete with Wright for #3. Possibly another mid to late to compete with Morris.

WR - Baldwin restructured but could still not make the team. Osgood should be re-signed for ST only. I see it as Crabtree, Boldin, Patton vs 1st/2nd Rd, loser of # 3, #5 Baldwin/3rd-5th Rd/Chuck Jacobs(PS), #6 Osgood ST. So could be 1 taken in the 1st or 2nd round and possibly another in the 3rd to 5th.

Possible Depth Needs:
OL (C/G or G/T Combo)?, 3rd QB?, DE?, S?

Updated: No 6th rounder traded for Gabbert. SS off the list at least early with Bethea signing. Expect the 49ers to do a lot of trading and collecting picks for next year as they don't have a lot of needs. Also, could take a position like DE real high even though it's not a need at all with the expectation of them being a future starter.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1.) OLB - Need a 3-4 OLB to go with the new scheme and to pair with Akeem Ayers.

2.) NT - Signed Al Woods but he's nothing more than average if that. Good 3-4's typically have a good NT.

3.) WR/TE - Nate Washington is solid, Wright is a becoming a very good WR, and Justin Hunter has loads of potential but behind them we have nothing.

4.) RB - CJ is likely gone, Greene is a power-back as is Jackie Battle, Leon Washington and Dexter McCluster are scat-backs and nothing more. We don't have a consistent RB or a guy who can do it all.

5.) 3-4 DE

6.) CB - Don't need a starter but adding depth in the later rounds wouldn't be bad.

Avery Williamson
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Free Agents Signed

QB Matt Cassel
WR Jerome Simpson
OG Charlie Johnson
OG/C Joe Berger
DE Everson Griffen
DT Linval Joseph
DT Fred Evans
MLB Jasper Brinkley
CB Captain Munnerlyn
CB Derek Cox

Remaining Needs


1. QB - Air Coryell/Norv Turner fit
2. SLB - Strong run defender, edge setter needed
3. LG - Johnson is a poor starter
4. MLB - Mauti is still an uknown and Cole looked solid last year. Brinkley is bad.
5. S - Hard to say what MN needs more; FS or SS, since we dont know where Harrison Smith will play


6. DE - Zimmer plays his 3rd DE quite a bit, could use a player to sub in at LE
7. NT - Need a big body behind Joseph
8. RB - Third down RB, primary pass catcher
9. WR - #5 WR spot is wide open
10. CB - The top 3 should be set (Rhodes, Munnerlyn and Cox), but depth still uncertain
11. WLB - Greenway should return to this spot but he is old and a declining player
12. OT - Not much behind Kalil and Loadholt
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bears Updated Needs Post Free Agency (initial wave):

DT: Most Bears fans probably see safety as a bigger need - but I respectfully disagree. The Bears currently have Nate Collins penciled in as the starter at 3-tech. There was some talk about Lamar Houston moving inside on passing downs - but they seemed to rule that out at the press conference. Jay Ratliff has played 3-tech in the past but at this stage of his career is a more natural NT. Stephen Paea played 3-tech well in college, but it hasn't translated to the NFL. A 3-tech leads my list of Bears needs.

S: Maybe the most disastrous position on the Bears last season - and all they've done to address it is sign Ryan Mundy. They did sign MD Jennings in Free Agency, but the only thing he's a doctor of is getting burned in coverage. As Bears watched all of the top safeties on the market earn premium dollars in FA it become clear that they would look to address the position in the draft - Bears GM confirmed as much in his last press conference, and they sent their scouting director to the Louisville pro-day. It is conceivable the Bears could go into the season with Mundy and Conte as starters, with the hope/expectation that a much improved front 7 would minimize the deficiencies at Safety. It is a foregone conclusion for most bears fans that Emery wil draft a safety in one of the first three rounds with the expectation that player will be a significant contributor if not starter.

DE: The Bears committed serious cash in Free Agency to shore up this position - but their work is still not done. They signed Houston and Willie Young (formerly of Detroit) as much to fix an anemic run defense as they did for their pass-rush potential. And at this point 'potential' is all you can say about this teams pass-rush. The bears like David Bass as and edge rusher, and signed previous 'potential' guy Trevor Scott. First round bust Shea McClellin has been moved to SLB in hopes it can save his career - and I expect to see him rushing from that spot quite a bit despite the coaching staffs decision to stick with a 40 front. The bears will be looking for an edge rusher in the middle rounds.

TE: The Black Unicorn was a tremendous Free Agency win for the Bears last season. Martellus Bennett turned in his best season as a pro, and won over Bears fans everywhere with his 'quirky' sense of being. The best TE since Ditka wore the blue and orange Bennett was everything the Bears could have hoped for - and considering the depth chart behind him, he had to be. The Bears have only Dante Rosario, and perennial practice squader and hoop-er turned pig-skinner Fendi Onubon on the roster behind Bennett. While many are fans of the potential of the Fendi - I don't think anyone is counting on him to have suddenly learned how to catch. This could be the 'Charlie Kelly' pick of the draft for the Bears. I would be surprised if they decided to invest a premium pick in the position. Many fans were pining for Tyler Eifert in last years draft even after the Bennett signing. If Eric Ebron is there at 14, and many of the top defensive prospects are gone, I'm not sayin... I'm just sayin...

DB: The Bears addressed one spot in the long-term with a multi-year deal with mighty-mite Tim Jenings, and in the short-term by signing one of the NFL's true god guys and lifetime Bear Charles Tillman. Tilman, he of the Peanut-Punch, was only signed to a one-year deal and likely doesn't have much left beyond that. The Bears currently have Kelvin Hayden at nickel with recent draft pick Isiah Frey and likely to be re-signed special teams standout Zac Bowman providing depth. The bears will be looking to the draft to infuse some youth and competition int this position - but I would not be surprised if they took a corner in the first round if someone like Gilbert fell to them.

C: The Bears Roberto Garza was better than anyone could have expected or asked for last season. After several years of declining play Garza had a resurgence captaining a rebuilt OL that was able to stay healthy and play the same 5 starters all 16 games. Garza was re-signed for one more year is what is expected to be his final season. The Bears only backup is the feel-good story Taylor Boggs. Boggs is an under-sized undrafted project who has bounced around for a couple of years and now finds himself under the direction of uber - OC/OL coach Kromer, but I don't know many fans who are comfortable putting all of the Center eggs in a Boggs made basket. I expect the Bears will invest a late round pick in a OG/C to create some competition.

Adopt-a-Bear Lamarr Houston

Man-child. QB-killer. Defender of the run. Destroyer of worlds
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