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NFL fines Bears LB Jon Bostic $21,000 for hit on Chargers WR
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Stoop Trash

Joined: 06 Feb 2013
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tooki wrote:
The LBC wrote:
pmk wrote:
Tooki wrote:
It's not a form tackle at all, but it also shouldn't have been fined.
Pretty much what I'm seeing. A penalty by the letter of the law but not worthy of a fine imo. Maybe the fine will do some good though, if he keeps lowering his head like that he could very well end up like Kevin Everett.

Thank you! I'm glad someone else saw that.

Exactly! Coming from my Rugby background, the only issue was that Bosic led with his head INTO THE RECEIVERS CHEST, with the facemask down. If he had have put his head to the side of the receivers body (Like the Sheldon Brown hit on Reggie Bush), it would have been a perfect hit, that is 'safe' for both parties.

This! If football players were taught to tackle like rugby players it would make everyone happy. There would still be big hits and both the tacklers and tacklees would see fewer injuries and after-effects.

Wont solve everything, but would make a big difference. Didn't Boise State actually bring in a rugby team/coaches to train their players how to tackle?

While they are there, they could also train the lineman about rolling mauls and things could get really interesting Laughing
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Joined: 05 Aug 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

pigsooie5 wrote:
fretgod99 wrote:
pigsooie5 wrote:
The LBC wrote:
pigsooie5 wrote:
Great contribution homeboy /sigh /sigh /sigh /sigh /sigh
Looks like I can do it too.
There's no need to get adversarial with him. And while he didn't illustrate it as fully as he could have, I'm fairly certain quite a few people (especially those that frequent the News Forum knew exactly to what he was referring with his brief bit.

Fines are handed out by Appeal and Discipline Office. Roger doesn't sit on that committee. Roger doesn't even appoint people to that committee; previously it had been Art Shell and Ted Cottrell, both in roles that were hired/appointed by the NFL Owners, this past summer Art Shell was replaced by Matt Birk. Roger also doesn't sit on the competition committee - the one that makes up the rules. Nor does he have authority to make appointments to that committee - again... it's the owners. And yet, people wnat to jump to scapegoat Goodell for any little thing they can.

It gets old. Especially when it's not as though these facts haven't been repeated ad nauseum on these forums over and over again and still people persist.
I called him my homeboy...not adversarial at all. It's not like I wished ALS on him or anything.........
Calling him "homeboy" isn't necessarily adversarial, though it's clearly intended to be dismissive in context. "Great point" followed by "homeboy" and "/sigh" multiple times is, and it certainly seems the intent.

If you disagree with a point (or non-point, if you think that's more fitting), then address it. Mockery doesn't end well, particularly in News.

You've had a few posts over the last few pages that were more than a little aggressively, and unnecessarily so. Please tone it down.

What are we 12? Calling someone homeboy is aggressive? Next time I'll use Bud, or pal, that better?
I see you chose to ignore literally everything of substance in my post, because it had little to do with your use of the phrase "homeboy".

You've been aggressive throughout this thread. Tone it down. If you have questions about moderating and what is or is not acceptable, feel free to PM either me or another moderator.

MrDrew wrote:
Can somebody give me a good reason there's not a giant statue to fret somewhere?
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