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2014 Offseason & Draft (1 round) V.1
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:50 am    Post subject: 2014 Offseason & Draft (1 round) V.1 Reply with quote

2014 Offseason & Draft


Notable cuts:

Thomas DeCoud, S, Atlanta Falcons
-Only a year ago DeCoud was considered a budding top tier safety. After an abysmal 2013 season, the Falcons may have little patience for his season-long incompetence. His nearly five million dollar cap number won’t be doing him any favors either.

Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans
-Every year since Johnson’s historic 2,000 yard season has seemed to be the year he’ll bounce back. While he’s eclipsed 1,000 yards every year since, his play seems so inconsequential to the team’s success that he’s no longer worth a top flight playmaker’s salary.

Julius Peppers, DL/LB, Chicago Bears
-Once thought as the leagues best defensive end, Peppers is beginning to see a steep decline in play. As he approaches the tail end of his contract, his yearly salary swells to double digits. The Bears likely won’t go into the season with that burden on their shoulders.

Mark Sanchez, QB, New York Jets
-Coming of a gracious extension two years ago, Sanchez may have thought he could do nothing to lose his job for the next three seasons. With the team’s decision to move forward with Geno Smith, keeping Sanchez on the roster makes no sense on every level.

Terrell Suggs, DL/LB, Ravens
-This cut, admittedly, is the one I probably feel the least confident about. The Ravens are no strangers to setting franchise cornerstones free. Suggs will test the market, but a restructured return to the Ravens is equally as likely.

Free Agents:
*not all free agents are represented

(f)=franchise tag

Josh McCown resigns with Chicago Bears
-Josh McCown had a good midseason run last season and helped the Bears stay in the divisional race while Cutler was sidelined. There isn’t a team that values him more than the Bears, and he’s said himself that his “heart is in Chicago.”

Michael Vick signs with New York Jets
-Michael Vick’s career path seems to be as unpredictable as his play over the past three years. Mart Mornhinweg’s presence on the Jets’ staff may be the only clue as to where Vick will end up this offseason. His comments that he’ll be "absolutely starting” for a team week one of next season suggests he may have had a conversation or two with the pass happy offensive coordinator.

Mark Sanchez signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-This year’s senior bowl gave the league curious anonymous quotes citing interest in Sanchez as a “potential day one starter.” That narrows down the possible suitors - and Tampa Bay is one of those teams - but it’s still hard to nail down a landing spot for a guy who’s still on his “former” team.

Josh Freeman signs with Oakland Raiders
-Last season saw rumors linking Freeman to Oakland on account of his familiarity with offensive coordinator, Greg Olsen. A little familiarity would of helped Freeman last year as his struggles in Minnesota had a lot to do with an awkward midseason transplant. Oakland will likely be able to buy low the highly talented Freeman in an arrangement that should be mutually beneficial.

Chris Johnson signs with Denver Broncos
-Chris Johnson hasn't been able to recapture the magic of his historic 2009 season. Given his swelling contract, the Titans may opt to cut ties. The Broncos could pit Johnson alongside Ball for a potentially dynamic one-two punch. Johnson, who won't be 29 until September, still should have something left in the tank.

Ben Tate signs with Cleveland Browns
-Ever since the Browns shipped Richardson out of town, the rumors of Tate to Cleveland have been swirling over Lake Erie. Although much of the staff is no longer there, Tate is familiar with the curriculum of the school of Shanahan.

Knowshon Moreno signs with Tennessee Titans
-Rumors that Moreno likely won’t be back in Denver next year come at little surprise. Moreno’s career, before this year, has been mediocre at best. He is, though, heading into free agency at the right time. His tough, versatile, and every down ability fits right into what Ken Whisenhunt looks for in a running back.

Andre Brown resigns with New York Giants
-The Giants have had some tough luck at running back lately. Andre Brown came to their rescue this year after missing the first half of the season with a broken leg. There appears to be a good relationship between he and the team which should lead to some continuity to a battered backfield.

LeGarrette Blount signs with Miami Dolphins
-Rumors link new Dolphins GM, Dennis Hickey, and the former Tampa Bay battering ram. Miami should be able to pluck Blount from the New England backfield stable if they really want him without too much trouble.

Darren McFadden signs with Cincinnati Bengals
-McFadden certainly has had an interesting career. While his talent is undeniable, so is his medical history. Hugh Jackson got the best out of him and as the Bengals new offensive coordinator, he may draw him back into a favorable scheme in Cinncinati.

(r) Joique Bell resigns with Detroit Lions
-While proving to be a tougher counterpart to Reggie Bush’s flash and dash (and injuries), Bell has proved to be an essential part of the Lions’ offense. Teams will take a peek at his availability, but his restricted status will give the Lions the upper hand.

Maurice Jones-Drew resigns with Jacksonville Jaguars
-The original muscle hamster has had a tough couple of seasons. There would surely be suitors out there that inquire his services but I doubt he’ll find a team that values him more than his current one. The Jaguars are experiencing a youth movement as they rebuild and having a significant veteran presence in MJD would be invaluable.

Donald Brown signs with Arizona Cardinals
-Brown may be currently flying under the radar as a free agent gem. He proved his worth during by outplaying two-time first round pick, Trent Richardson. As much as the Colts should resign him, the weight Richardson’s presence may be too much. Cardinal’s coach, Bruce Arians, has some familiarity with Brown who could play as thunder to Andre Ellington’s lightning.

Rashad Jennings resigns with Oakland Raiders
-Jennings has been the quintessential backup running back throughout his career. As a starter, he’s been hit and miss. The Raiders enjoyed a peak in his play as he showed an improved all around game. He’ll test free agency, but I see him coming back.

Eric Decker signs with Carolina Panthers
-Despite have a forgettable Super Bowl performance, Decker will go into free agency with his value peaking. There will be a number of teams courting Decker’s services, but I see the Panthers as a fit considering they've never found a proper replacement for Muhsin Muhammad.

Hakeem Nicks signs with Baltimore Ravens
-Nicks could be seen as the McFadden of receivers. He has shown flashes of his incredible talent throughout his career but has failed to capitalize on the surge in production he enjoyed two seasons ago. Like McFadden, he’ll be heading into free agency with his stock at it’s lowest. Ozzie Newsome is not adverse to buying low and Nicks would be a welcome addition to the Raven's $100 million man, Joe Flacco.

James Jones resigns with Green Bay Packers
-With the emergence of Jarrett Boykin, Jones’ place in the Packer offense is up in the air. Although he suffered a drop in performance form last year, he has proven to be a reliable cog in the Packers offense. Considering how the team values continuity and depth, Jones is most valuable to the team that drafted him in 2007.

Riley Cooper resigns with Philadelphia Eagles
-It may be tough to imagine Cooper returning to the Eagles after a tumultuous start to the year. Since then, he has become one of Foles’ closest on field confidants and emerged as a weapon to be accounted for. For Philadelphia, it will come down between Maclin and Cooper and this past season has favored the latter.

Anquan Boldin resigns with San Francisco 49ers
-The 49ers may have a potent receiving corps as they head into the 2014-15 season. Boldin has shown a certain closeness with the 49ers and it makes sense he’d like another crack the Superbowl with a contender he’s familiar with.

Julian Edelman resigns with New England Patriots
-It’s tough to imagine the Patriots actually resigning a receiver, but the stars may be aligning for Edelman and the Pats. He would likely be had back for a fair price considering the chance to play with Brady and within a scheme that values a high volume, short yardage, pass catcher.

Jeremy Maclin signs with New York Jets
-Maclin’s loss this season proved inconsequential to the Eagle’s offensive production. There may still be lingering interest between he and the Eagles, but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him join Vick and receiver staved Jets.

Golden Tate resigns with Seattle Seahawks
-Tate has become the type of player who’s value can’t be charted by stats or false Hail Mary catches. He seems to have a great relationship with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson which should go a long way to his return to the Pacific North West.

(f) Jimmy Graham resigns with New Orleans Saints
-There’s not much to say about the Saints retaining the league’s most productive tight end by any means necessary.

Dennis Pitta resigns with Baltimore Ravens
-Pitta’s injury setback was apparent the Ravens sputtered on offense all season. Pitta proved to be one of Flacco’s most trusted targets targets during the team’s Superbowl run - I believe he’ll be back.

Brandon Pettigrew signs with Dallas Cowboys
-It has been an up and down career so far for Pettigrew in Detroit. Although he is often chastised for drive stalling drops - he still flashes the potential that his 6’5” frame affords him. Scott Linehan’s move from Detroit to Dallas may lure the Texas native to America’s team.

Jermichael Finley signs with New York Giants
-It may finally be time for the Packers to part ways with their perpetually emerging tight end. Finley did show some progress as a pass catcher this year before succumbing to two ferocious concussions. I could very well see Finley reuniting with former Packers coordinator, Ben McAdoo, in New York.

Eugene Monroe resigns with Baltimore Ravens
-Many thought the Ravens stole Monroe from the Jaguars for a mere fourth round pick. He played admirably for the Ravens and I think they repay him for his services with a longer term deal.

Jordan Gross resigns with Carolina Panthers
-If the Panthers don’t resign him, Gross said he’d retire. I think the Panthers add a few pieces and retain their veteran tackle after a relatively successful season.

Jared Valdheer resigns with Oakland Raiders
-Although me missed significant time this year, the Raiders will look to retain their premier left tackle. Considering he missed time, they may get him at a relative bargain price.

Brandon Albert signs with Miami Dolphins
-The Dolphins reportedly refused to give up a second round pick for Albert last year. A year later, and the offensive line situation in Miami isn’t looking any better (probably worse). As a free agent, the Dolphins can target him without relinquishing any picks.

Austin Howard resigns with New York Jets
-It’s no secret that the Jets had one of the best offensive line units in the league last year and Howard was an anchor for the right side. He’ll be a tough guy to retain, but I see the Jets making room to secure him.

Rodger Staffold signs with Arizona Cardinals
-Staffold presents a curious opportunity for the Rams. He offers them the flexibility to play either tackle, but his play has been sporadic throughout last season. It’s tough to imagine a scenario where both sides come to an agreement on role and money. The Cardinals have had a tough go of it when it comes to their starting tackles as of late. Staffold gives the team the flexibility to move him to either side.

Anthony Collins resigns with Cincinnati Bengals
-Collins presents one of many free agents that the Bengals will try to retain in 2014. Injuries forced normal perimeter protector Andrew Whitworth to move inside - this move allowed Collins to prove his worth as a tackle. That said, no team knows Collins' value like the Bengals which could intimately have him stay on the team.

Michael Oher signs with Washington Redskins
-No longer protecting the “blind side,” Michael Oher had a rough 2013/14’ season on the right side. Still, he possesses the talent to fulfill the role of right tackle on a team desperate for one. The Redskins probably will make a big name splash in the offseason and Oher seems apropos.

Travelle Wharton signs with Indianapolis Colts
-Colts owner, Jim Irsay, has made his feelings known about the need to sign better lineman to protect Luck. Wharton's ability and age fits a team than feels ready to win now.

Geoff Schwartz resigns with Kansas City Chiefs
-The Chiefs line blocked for one of the leagues best rushers this year due in large parts to Geoff Schwartz. He’s an under thirty guard who can get the job done - he’ll likely be back.

Kevin Boothe resigns with New York Giants
-Boothe has been a productive interior lineman for the Giants, and although he’s entering his thirties, the New York native should return to big blue.

Alex Mack resigns with Cleveland Browns
-Mack will look to cash in on his very good career thus far. The Browns will need his experience for whoever lines up under him next season.

Evan Dietrich-Smith resigns with Green Bay Packers
-Not only is Dietrich-Smith on of the most capable centers in the league, he can also play guard. The Packers will look to retain him.

Brian De La Puente signs with Baltimore Ravens
-The Saints appear to be prepared to let go of their main stay center. Baltimore had success before in picking up an good center released late in his career (Birk).

Robert Garza resigns with Chicago Bears
-On the heels of their big Cutler resigning, the Bears are no doubt looking to make a deep run in the playoffs in the next few seasons. Cutler and Garza have a good rapport and, despite Garza’s age (35), I believe Chicago will have him back for at least a couple more seasons.

DE/3-4 OLB
Greg Hardy signs with Jacksonville Jaguars
-Carolina is in a precarious situation with their premier pass rusher this offseason. After coming off of a career year, his asking price seems to be astronomical. Despite sentiments to retain him from the coaching staff, GM Dave Gettleman may prefer to distribute the funds more evenly throughout the roster.

(f) Brian Orakpo resigns with Washington Redskins
-With Haslett remaining as the Redskin’s defensive coordinator, there probably will be a concentrated effort to retain their premier pass rusher. Tag or otherwise, I see Orakp returning.

Michael Bennett resigns with Seattle Seahawks
-Bennett has been a big time presence for the Seahawks during their playoff run. As a versatile pass rusher and run stuffer, he’ll finally get the contract he deserves.

Michael Johnson signs with Minnesota Vikings
-Mike Zimmer’s presence could court of the free agencies biggest name to Minnesota. The Vikings are likely to part ways with Jared Allen and Johnson presents a familiar talent with a lot of untapped potential.

Lamarr Houston resigns with Oakland Raiders
-There have been a number of rumors concerning Houston’s return to Oakland. With Oakland GM, Reggie McKenzie, suggesting he’s now a top priority, his return seems inevitable considering the team’s cap space.

Terrell Suggs signs with Tennessee Titans
-Suggs may end up being one of the more surprising cap casualties this offseason. It does also make a lot of sense considering Suggs’ contract and age. The Titans will be in the market for a premier edge rusher like Suggs.

Jared Allen signs with Denver Broncos
-Despite recording double digit sacks last season and not missing a game for his entire Vikings career, Allen is likely to find himself looking for work in the twilight of his career. It's likely he'll sign with a contender and the Broncos would be more than happy to host Allen’s services.

Julius Peppers signs with Atlanta Falcons
-Like Suggs, Peppers carries a hefty cap number and diminishing skills that may find him looking for work this offseason. Pep may find himself back in the NFC South on former division rival, Atlanta.

Justin Tuck signs with Oakland Raiders
-With the Raiders potentially missing out on some of the younger free agent ends, the Tuck signing falls in line with the team having a veteran presence with a history of play making.

Antonio Smith signs with Indianapolis Colts
-Antonio Smith has remained productive as he enters his 30s. The Colts are familiar with his ability on inter-division rival, Houston Texans. He’d provide the team with the veteran experience needed along that porous front.

Will Smith signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-Will Smith’s injury plagued 2013 season isn’t helping him prove his worth in the 3-4. It’s likely that Smith’s injury and lack of fit could have him sent off. The Buccaneers could use a talented edge rusher to fuse with a stout interior.

Jason Worilds resigns with Pittsburgh Steelers
-Last years draft selection of Jarvis Jones spurred Worilds to have a productive year. He says he’s open to return if he can remain the starter. The Steelers have never been the ones to rush rookies into the fold while Worilds youth and production would prompt the Steelers to resign him.

Shaun Phillips resigns with Denver Broncos
-Phillips outplayed expectations last year in Denver. Reports currently suggest that he will be retained, and with that - hopefully - so will his abilities.

Arthur Jones resigns with Baltimore Ravens
-The Ravens may need to shuffle some cards to give Arthur Jones what he wants, but he’s a guy who’s probably worth it. The Raven’s defense is predicated on the performance on the front three and he certainly plays a part in that.

Randy Starks signs with Chicago Bears
-With the likely departure of Henry Melton and the struggles the Bears had in manning the middle, Starks makes sense from a need perspective. Starks also happens to be one of the top free agent tackles and although he’s entering his thirties, his ability should carry through a medium length contract.

Linval Joseph signs with Oakland Raiders
-Joseph has been the quite anchor of the Giants line for a few years now. His youth and run stuffing ability make him an attractive free agent for teams around the league. The Raiders have the financial latitude to offer him a contract for the length, and amount, he wants.

Jason Hatcher signs with Seattle Seahawks
-While Hatcher was Dallas' best interior lineman last season, the cash strapped Cowboys likely won't be able to oblige his contract demands. Hatcher would comfortably fit in Seattle's defensive lineman rotation and hybrid scheme.

Paul Soliai resigns with Miami Dolphins
-The Dolphins will have to make a decision this offseason between Starks and Soliai. Both have expressed their desire to stay, but Soliai is arguably more important and will come cheaper for the ‘Phins.

Henry Melton signs with Dallas Cowboys
-Melton's nightmare 2013 season was marred by injury. While the current Bears regime may not see his value, former Chicago defensive coordinator, Rob Marinelli, could lure him to Dallas this year.

B.J. Raji signs with New York Giants
-Rumors about Raji’s discontent with his role in the Packer defense have been known since midseason. Raji may want to target a team like his home town’s New York Giants, who have an attacking scheme and a potential need if they can’t retain some of their own free agents.

Kevin Williams signs with Atlanta Falcons
-Despite the fact that Kevin Williams entering his 12th NFL season, he still has shown an ability to play the position at a high level. The Falcon’s brass has expressed a desire to add “gritty” players in the trenches and Williams fits that mold.

Wesley Woodyard signs with New York Giants
-The Giants have had a constant rotation of also-ran linebackers for quite some time now. Woodyard’s year need on a downturn which saw him benched. He still has the ability to play at a high level given the opportunity to play on the weak side.

Daryl Smith resigns with Baltimore Ravens
-Smith played well for the Ravens this year and he no doubt will have his fair share of suitors this offseason, but I see him ultimately returning next season. The Ravens will look to retain him in hopes of maintaining a veteran stop-gap as they wait for younger players to develop.

Karlos Dansby resigns with Arizona Cardinals
-Dansby was back to his old ways on hi sold team this year. He played very good for a player a third of his way through his 30s. I think the Cardinals find away to retain him next season.

Donald Butler resigns with San Diego Chargers
-The Chargers have always been able to maintain a nice stable of talent on their defensive end. Probably Butler’s biggest asset is his youth (25).

Brandon Spikes signs with Minnesota Vikings
-With the Vikings parting ways with Erin Henderson, a hole will need to filled to man the middle on defense. Spikes is a player who has the veteran savvy to step right in and be an impact player for the Vikings, despite his liabilities in pass coverage.

Jon Beason resigns with New York Giants
-The Giants have had it tough in the middle since the departure of Antonio Pierce. Although Beason didn’t prove to be an immediate upgrade, he has the ability to solidify the middle.

Brent Grimes resigns with Miami Dolphins
-Grimes had a phenomenal comeback season with the Dolphins and the team will do it’s best to retain his services.

Vontae Davis resigns with Indianapolis Colts
-Although Davis has had an up and down career performance wise, the Colts seem keen on training their young talent. Hopefully, Davis’ first contract with the Colts works out for both sides.

Captain Munnerlyn resigns with Carolina Panthers
-Munnerlyn was an essential piece to a Panther secondary that ranked in the top ten last season. The surprising surge in play has a lot to do with Munnerlyn’s ability to play in the nickel or on the perimeter. The Panthers should do what it takes to lock him up.

Alterraun Verner signs with Minnesota Vikings
-The Vikings found themselves being barraged with top tier passing offenses seemingly overnight. The NFC North is a daunting place for corners, but Verner would be a willing candidate. Minnesota has explicitly shown interest in the 25 year old pro bowler.

Sam Shields resigns with Green Bay Packers
-Reports are that Green Bay will allow Shields to explore the open market. He ended up having a very good year last year and while he’ll have plenty of takers, no team knows his value like the Packers.

Aqib Talib resigns with New England Patriots
-The Patriots may find themselves doing things this offseason that they don’t often do. One of those things is overpaying for players, even if it’s one of their own. Talib’s services have been invaluable to a defense that has seen better days. The Patriots will have to pay for play, though.

Tarell Brown resigns with San Francisco 49ers
-Brown is one of the better corners in the league despite his injury woes. The Niners seem to appreciate him and I anticipate them bringing him back on a medium length deal.

(r) Chris Harris resigns with Denver Broncos
-The Broncos may go through a big overhaul in their defensive backfield next season. Harris has been a bright spot despite the disappointments that the unit has contributed as a whole. Despite his late season injury, Denver should bring him back on a long term deal.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie resigns with Denver Broncos
-It’s clear that Rodgers-Cromartie has his heart set on resigning with Denver considering he was set to retire if they had won the Super Bowl. Since that didn’t happen, DRC may want another crack on what should be a better defensive roster heading into next year.

DeAngelo Hall resigns with Washington Redskins
-Washington has had little to cheer about on defense of late, but Hall has been that “little.” His ability in man coverage is underrated and he always shows up against the Cowboys. Hall appears to already by in talks with Washington to re-up his time in Washington.

Charles Tillman signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-The writing already appears to be on the wall regarding Tillman’s departure from Chicago. The most logical move would be for him to follow his former head coach to Tampa Bay, team up with Revis, and claim the title of "legion of boom" east.

Jarius Byrd signs with Chicago Bears
-Byrd has had a tumultuous relationship with the Bill’s brass the past few seasons. While I don’t believe a return to Buffalo is out of the question, his taler may draw teams willing to pay his bill. The Bears suffered through bad safety play all season last year. yrs could step in right away and change the identity of that defense.

(f) T.J. Ward resigns with Cleveland Browns
-The Browns have a strong young defense that is on the rise. Ward’s resigning will be an essential for the unit not to lose steam.

Donte Whitner resigns with San Francisco 49ers
-Whitner has proved himself to be an essential tone ester for the Niner defense. As they head into a new stadium, they’ll want to bring one of their leaders with them.

Louis Delmas signs with Buffalo Bills
-With Byrd potentially on the outs, the Jim Schwartz led Bills defense will need to fill his void with a capable replacement. Delmas’ familiarity with the scheme and aggressive play style would prove more than just a stop-gap.

Chris Clemons signs with Atlanta Falcons
-The Falcons have intimated that they’d like to add a veteran presence to their safety corps. DeCoud had a disappointing 2013 campaign and the Falcons may flirt with the idea of cutting him entirely.

Thomas DeCoud signs with Oakland Raiders
-DeCoud may have played himself right out of Atlanta last year. The Raiders have had a need at the safety position for a long time now. The bay area native could step right in and fill a desperate need.

Bernard Pollard signs with New York Jets
-Pollard is the type of player that fits Rex Ryan’s personality for his secondary. He’s a hard hitting, in the box strong safety that brings attitude along with veteran savvy.


Houston Texans select Jadaveon Clowney, DL, South Carolina
-Unlike the popular pick of one of the three top quarterbacks here, this pick makes sense on several multiple levels. Firstly, one of the popular candidates for this pick is UCF’s Blake Bortles on account that O’Brien likes a quarterback of his stature and physic. Well, many have forgotten that Houston already has such a player on the roster in Matt Schaub. Secondly, Clowney is widely considered the best prospect in this draft. Secondly, he will be paired with arguably the leagues best defensive lineman, J.J. Watt - forcing offenses to choose which to slide toward. This may not be the sexy pick (Manziel), the sleeper pick (Bortles), or the “smart” pick (Bridgewater), but it simply is the logical pick.

St. Louis Rams select Greg Robinson, OL, Auburn
-With the draft’s best prospect off the board, the Ram’s trade possibilities diminish a bit. If Clowney fell, Atlanta would be a potential mover to this selection on draft day. I see the Rams selecting the best tackle on the board come draft day. I’m anticipating that Robinson overtakes Matthews as we approach May.

Jacksonville Jaguars select Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
-Even if Jacksonville failed to get the number one overall pick this season, they still get their “elite” signal caller. I, personally, feel that Bridgewater is the unquestionable number one quarterback in this draft. The pick would be a no-brainer if he falls.

Cleveland Browns select Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
-The stars seem to be lining up for Cleveland to get their guy. All signs seem to point to the Browns ownership to get a staff that can get the best out of (and want to draft) Manziel. Kyle Shanahan will play a huge role keeping Manziel productive - and healthy.

Oakland Raiders select Khalil Mack, DL/LB, Louisville
-The Raiders can go a number of different ways with this pick. Do they go with the playmaker (Watkins), the gunslinger (Carr), or something else entirely. I vote C. Mack comes form the same bloodlines of Von Miller, and head coach Dennis Allen would be remiss to pass that up.

Atlanta Falcons select Jake Matthews, OL, Texas A&M
-Atlanta may have an answer to their multi-million dollar mistake in Sam Baker. Drafting Matthews would allow him to grow into the position via the right side, while Baker proves play after play that he’s not worth half of what he’s getting paid.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Sammy Watkins, R, Clemson
-Tampa Bay has always been a team of periodical surges of offensive production. One minute they look like the globetrotters and the next like the Knicks. Watkins could help bring some consistency to the team’s offensive playmaking while helping young Mike Glennon develop into the franchise signal caller he might be.

Minnesota Vikings select Blake Bortles, QB, UCF
-Although Bortles is apparently in the running for number one overall, I don’t think many would be surprised to see him drop to the bottom of the top ten. While he possesses the ability that draws comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck, he also seems to be a polarizing prospect among NFL teams. There are few places he could land better than under the tutelage of Norv Turner.

Buffalo Bills select Mike Evans, R, Texas A&M
-With the surprising E.J. Manuel selection of a year ago, the team will need to get him targets that are in accordance to current trends in the NFL. While Steve Johnson is listed as an imposing 6’3”, he doesn’t play "above the rim" like some of his peers. Evans is the most aggressive receiver towards the ball in this draft. He would allow Manuel the targeting latitude that is afforded to quarterbacks with a big, imposing target.

Detroit Lions select Justin Gilbert, DB, Oklahoma State
-The Lions are facing a daunting task going into next season. Four times next year they’ll face a receiver named: Cobb, Nelson, Marshall, and Jeffery - and an emerging corps another two times in: Patterson and Jennings. They need to address the divisional challenge by bolstering their defensive backfield. OK state’s Justin Gilbert is a 2014 friendly corner that offers the size and coverage ability to thrive in today’s NFL.

Tennessee Titans select Anthony Barr, DL/LB, UCLA
-As the Titans switch into a new 3-4 scheme under defensive maestro, Ray Horton, they’ll need a pass rusher to make the offense click. I have the team signing former defensive player of the year, Terrell Suggs, in the offseason, but he’s already breached his thirties and has had recent injury history. Barr is widely considered a top ten talent and would conveniently find himself under the tutelage of Sizzle.

New York Giants select Taylor Lewan, OL, Michigan
-The Giants suffered through a tough year wrought with injuries and sub-par play. A big part of that was the play of Eli’s (now injured) personal protector, Will Beatty. Lewan seems to be the forgotten man after the likes of Robinson and Matthews, but there’s no doubt he is a legitimate first round talent.

St. Louis Rams select Hasean Clinton-Dix, DB, Alabama
-The Rams may flirt with a number of options to fill their safety role this offseason. Their second draft pick in the first round, though, puts them in perfect position to select what many consider the draft’s best safety in Clinton-Dix.

Chicago Bears select Louis Nix, DL, Notre Dame
-The Bears had to endure a turnstile defensive middle this past year. While I have them acquiring Miami’s stud interior lineman, Randy Starks, they’ll also need to address their disappointing starting nose, Stephen Paea. Nix offers a veteran-like savvy and understanding of the position and he should be able to change the identity of that from right away.

Pittsburgh Steeler select Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
-This pick is a bit of an “off the beaten path” selection. The Steelers rarely select wide receivers in the first round, though this year, they may strongly consider it. The team is likely going to allow Emmanuel Sanders to walk via free agency leaving the door open for a similar talent in Markus Wheaton. The team hasn’t had a “size guy” like Benjamin since Plaxico Burress. The league is moving toward bigger perimeter players and Benjamin fits that role.

Dallas Cowboys select Aaron Donald, DL, Pittsburgh
-Donald had his coming out party during the senior bowl in which he showed coaches his exquisite ability in the trenches. The Cowboys are starved from pressure form their defensive line last year and Donald would be a great first step in fixing that.

Baltimore Ravens select C.J. Mosley, LB, Alabama
-While I have the Ravens resigning veteran linebacker Daryl Smith in the offseason, the team isn’t timid to build for the future early in the draft. Mosley is an athletic linebacker with a very valuable ability to cover on passing downs.

New York Jets select Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
-It’s clear to anyone watching football that the Jets have a pressing need to build upon their offensive talent pool. Ebron is a tight end in the mold of San Francisco’s Vernon Davis. He could immediately help second year signal caller Geno Smith develop into a more consistent and productive player.

Miami Dolphins select Zach Martin, OL, Notre Dame
-Bullying controversies aside, the Dolphins needed help on the offensive line all season long. Martin comes as a two position player when can slide inside or out when needed.

Arizona Cardinals select Ra’Shede Hageman, DL, Minnesota
-Despite having a top ten defense a year ago, the Cardinals are facing an aging roster. Hageman is arguably the best available player at this point and at the very least, he’d provide depth and assurance for the future.

Green Bay Packers select Calvin Pryor, DB, Louisville
-Many cite the decline in defensive play of the Packers as the departure of safety Nick Collins to injury. While Collins looks to return the NFL, the Packers may want to remember what a top level safety can do for a defense. Pryor is a tough, instinctive player who could make an immediate impact.

Philadelphia Eagles select Kong Ealy, DL/LB, Missouri
-Thus far, Chip Kelly has shown he’s consistent in acquiring players that are winners in the genetic lottery. Ealy has the build of a willing pass rusher and will no doubt give Kelly deja vu of his ex-Oregon duck, Dion Jordan.

Kansas City Chiefs select Marqise Lee, R, Southern California
-The Chiefs will explore several different avenues in bolstering their receiving corps. Marqise Lee seems to posses the skills (speed, quickness, running ability) that Andy Reid covets in a receiver.

Cincinnati Bengals select Darqueze Dennard, DB, Michigan State
-The Bengals have tried the Plato’s Closet approach to adorning their corner backs over the past few years. While others’ once coveted belongings is nice for a bit, you begin to realize why they’re no longer coveted. Dennard offers the Bengals a fresh start to buy new off the rack and hopefully rehabilitate their defensive back wardrobe.

San Diego Chargers select Jason Varrett, DB, TCU
-The Chargers are tasked to deal with the offensive barrage within the AFC West. Most of the time, their anemic defensive backfield wasn’t up to the task. Varrett would be a small first step step toward solving a big problem.

Cleveland Browns select Jordan Matthews, R, Vanderbilt
-Greg Little has always showed flashes of potential, but those flashes turned into indiscriminate sparks on the pavement compared to Josh Gordon's fireworks. Matthews is an appropriate pick for the Brown's situation. His precise route running and usually sure hands would be welcome alongside Gordon.

New Orleans Saints select Scott Chrichton, DL/LB, Oregon State
-The Saints underwent a defensive rebirth under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan despite not having all the right pieces for his scheme. Chrichton would be a good first step toward creating a front seven that more closely resembles a 3-4.

Carolina Panthers select Cyrus Kouandjio, OL, Alabama
-While I expect left tackle mainstay, Jordan Gross, to line up for at least on more year, there needs to be a long term plan in place for his heir. Kouandijo was once projected as a top 10 pick and while he didn’t quite live up to that billing throughout the season, he certainly has the talent inside him to succeed.

New England Patriots select David Yankey, OL, Stanford
-The Patriots are no strangers to drafting big and strong offensive lineman in the first round. Yankey fits the mold of what the Patriots look for and he’d hopefully bring some consistency to the Patriots essential run game.

San Francisco 49ers select Odell Beckham, R, LSU
-Jim Harbaugh has had a tough go at it when it comes to drafting wide receivers. Beckham can be equated to a much more polished A.J. Jenkins who should find himself on the field sooner than later.

Denver Broncos select Davante Adams, R, Fresno State
-A receiver may not address some more pressing needs for the Broncos, but it may be the closest fit considering need and value. Adams is a high upside player who would could find himself in heaven playing for one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Seattle Seahawks select Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE, Washington
-While Jace Amaro is arguably the better player, Seferian-Jenkins seems like the more likely pick for Seattle. ASJ has Graham upside and his local affiliation is step for step in how the team seems to acquire talent.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Effort here is much appreciated.
Bortles to MIN is realistic
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like this. I wouldn't be too mad with Chris Johnson in FA because he'd be behind Ball and could be an interesting threat out of the backfield.

I think losing Decker is a big time possibility, and Davante Adams is a good pick.

Thanks, Tzimisce
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As a Jets fan this seems perfectly reasonable for us and lines up with what the majority of our fans think will happen. I do think the Jets make a strong push for Byrd if he becomes available because after cutting Sanchez, Cro, & Holmes we will be sitting around $50 mill in cap space.

Mock Grade A+
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Don't like the Sanchez and Smith Add i like the Tillman and Watkins though


Adopt-a-Buc Kwon Alexander 90 Tackles, 7 Tackles for Loss, 3 Sacks, 1 INT
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As A Falcons fan, it started out promising with the DeCoud cutting... But then you shafted us in free agency... With all the cap room we have to only get 2 elderly D-Linemen and a 2nd or 3rd tier S is nuts... After that the draft is a wash, we've given Baker so much money that a left tackle not taken in free agency seems like a waste. All in all for my birds a should F effort! Do better!

Last edited by AkGoneRiseUp on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:00 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You need to visit the Rams Forum every now and again. Rolling Eyes


Ram's Front Office:
"Tye Hill haunts my dreams.”
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice read. Realistic off season and good draft pick for the Dolphins,

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Love the pick for the Pack, of course Mosley would be my first choice, but if he's not there at 21, I'd love me some Pryor there or Avaro 'cause it looks like we'll badly need a new TE with Finley likely gone.

Also, I've heard rumblings that Ted Thompson could make a splash or 2 in Free Agency this year, I don't buy it (he very seldom signs free agents as we all know, 2005 was the lone exception), but we'll see what happens.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good work for the Titans. I love Barr at 11, I like picking up Suggs. Not positive about Moreno as i'd rather pick up a nice back in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. Also, I see us resigning Pollard or going after another safety in free agency rather than in the draft, especially if we don't re-sign Verner.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice job on the effort. As for the Steelers pick I like it. The Steelers do need to find Roethlisberger that big target.

Thanks to UniversalAuthor for the Sidney Crosby sig
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

CriminalMind: Thank you very much. I've been posting this project for a couple years now and I really have fun with it.

broncos67: Chris Johnson is a tough one to pin down. I think it's the one team that makes sense on both sides. I think Decker is as good as gone.

rdelaney89: I'm not sold on the Jets cutting Cromartie. I didn't consider Holmes a notable drop in terms of him being a top free agent but he'd definitely free up some cap space. Almost every team in the league will make a push for Byrd but I think Chicago made a lot of sense for both sides. I usually flip flop between Chicago and Jacksonville for Byrd.

djw4bucs: I envision Sanchez as a "Tedford guy" but it's tough to tell. The only thing I know for certain is that someone is keeping a close eye on him. I have a feeling a lot of teams will make a run at Will Smith considering his asking price compared to his peers, and Tampa Bay seems as likely as any other.

AkGoneRiseUp: I think it was Dimitroff who said the Falcons need to get tougher and "grittier" on both the offensive and defensive fronts. The Falcons don't seem to have a problem signing veteran players in the twilight of their careers if they can get a good deal. The Matthews pick is one I'm not 100% conformable with. Honestly, Clowney seems to be the only pick I am comfortable with, but that would require an expensive trade up that I'm not sure even the Falcons would pursue.

xKURTWARNERx: Make it easy for me, elaborate.

mountainpd: Thank you. Although I'm not a Dolphins fan, I do like in South Florida and i get a lot of exposure to them.

KManX89: I, personally, am a big Pryor fan and feel like he's the best safety in the draft. I also heard reports of Thompson splurging but it's tough for me to see him follow through with that.

Thanks all.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kudos on the effort. Not a bad Saints pick with the 3 corners off the board.

mike23md on the sig
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Id rather have Carr over Bortles at pick 8.

Free agency looks good with Michael Johnson, Brandon Spikes and Alterraun Verner. Maybe even too generous.

But you did not cover what happens to Everson Griffen, who seems to be underrated on this forum. I expect him to get a sizable pay day from somebody.
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

VinceYoung1010: You may be right about Pollard. The Titans are likely going decide one or the other. Moreno is a tough sell considering no one really likes him on this forum (including me). It's just, he has to end up somewhere. The Titans would probably still draft a back somewhere in the first for rounds I'd assume.

1BackInBlackFan: Thanks. How do you feel about Worilds returning?

FLOODx: Thanks. For many picks I just want to nail down a position and the exact player evolves over time. I think a 3-4 OLB prospect fits well in terms of need and value.

vikingsrule: Like mentioned above, the exact player selected will evolve over time. I believe that if either Carr and Bortles are available, the Vikings are taking one or the other. I have been thinking that the Vikings did seem to have almost too good of an offseason. I think Verner is the likeliest, then Johnson, and then Spikes. I really have no leads on Spikes.

Thanks all.

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